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Op tomorrow

Well lucky that I never unpacked my overnight stuff from last week for my hospital visit. I have to see the consultant again and I'm going to feel very sheepish when I creep in the door and explain that I chickened out of surgery last Wednesday "cluck cluck, baaaa". From the clinic I will probably be sent to the trauma ward where I will have to wait hours in an uncomfortable chair then get changed in the loos - nice!

I'm not looking forward to having to fast again from 10.30 onwards although my appetite hasn't been great recently so maybe I won't notice. Not being able to drink is the killer though. My wonderful friend Jo is coming with me, a) to keep me company and b) to make sure I don't do a runner. I will have to wear a brace for 6 weeks and I don't know how much that will affect my fibro. Guess I'm about to find out.

Now I'm off to have a nice evening meal, pasta bakel followed by posh ice cream and I intend to enjoy every mouthful cos it will be the last thing I'm eating for a while.

Hopefully I'll still be here to post more inane ramblings after the op

Storm x

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Good luck storm. Try to be brave. We will all be thinking of you and hoping that things go smoothly! Jane x


will be thinking of you all the very best and dont rush out this time xx


Great you are going through with it

Good luck

VG x


Thanks Guys I'm feeling like I should have entitled the post 'The Last Supper' lol.

I hope that the op works because if not I have to have a more serious one months down the line and I don't fancy that cos it sounds unpleasant and involves taking a muscle from my neck/arm to keep the bone in place. Can't they just use aroldite lol

I've always wanted to change so much about my appearance, wanted a smaller nose, bigger eyes, longer legs etc. Now I'd just like to look how I did before the accident. Just goes to prove you should be grateful for what you have.

Storm x


Good luck Stormwytch. I hope all goes well for you. :)


be calm, be patient, stay calm and BE a patient - don't run!

good luck,



Op postponed till Friday morning - half of me is relieved and the other half of me wishes it was over


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