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These are photographs taken from both my front and rear windows showing my front garden area with some kind persons rubbish dumped in it and the mess outside the rear window which my lovely upstairs neighbours have dumped.

I have bought some garden planters to put out the front to make it look nice but can't see any point if people just dump their rubbish - reported it to the council and sent the photos but they won't do anything, I'm so sick of this it's making me stressed.

Can only copy one photo at a time, sorry will post the worst back one in a minute.

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Hi there

As you are posting personal photos, I would highly recommend that you lock your post.

But the choice is up to you.

I can lock if for you if you like?

Wishing you wellness and peace

Lu xx


Sorry have had a really bad day, first the rubbish, then my mum was admitted to hospital and then on the way home a stray stone hit by a car bounced and broke one of the rear windows in my car. Really feeling sorry for myself x


I agree that is disgusting it must be making you feel so low to see that kind of thing when you look out on to your garden. Can you not asked to be re housed? No one should have to live with crap like that going on. The council should be made to do something to catch these morons. Surely they could at the very least install a camera and get them on film. I feel so sorry for what you are going through with your neighbours.


Hidden in reply to Dizzytwo

I am sorry to hear that this has happened to you!

You can install camera's yourself, or an engineer, but they have to be within the boundry of the property where you live, you are not permitted to cover anyone else's propery or parts of the road. This is illegal and you can be charged.

Unfortunately, my friend the council does not install camera's directly and indeed you would require permission from the landlord, being it the council, or not, before going ahead!

After installation, you contact the local community police warden/ he or she checks to see if they situated within the law.

We have security camera's set up at our property and have indeed been very useful lately.

If you are able to make an appointment at your local CAB office, they might be able to advise you on the next step.

I do hope that this can be resloved.

Soft hugs,

Elizabeth :) xxx

Scottish-piglet in reply to Hidden

Thank you Elizabeth, I have purchased a security camera because my car has been vandalised recently, had confirmation from the police that it's ok and where to site it. Council coming on Monday to address other issues.

I only moved in this year during July, to supposedly make life easier - I'm more stressed now than ever.

Linda xx

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Linda, I do hope the council can help resolve these issues, giving you at least peace of mind.

Pls do let us know how you get on!

Soft hugs,

Elizabeth :) xx

Unfortunately I suspect this is going to happen more and more. Our local council charges extortionate rates for taking away large items. My son was told by the man at his local tip that if you fold down the seats in his hatchback and fill the car up you could incur charges. So no wonder people dump rubbish. Our council is always banging on about charging fly tippers, but they never catch them. Hope you can get something sorted. Maybe speak to your MP?

That is awful! I am so genuinely sorry to read this and see your photo, I sincerely hope that the council take some action.

I also want to genuinely wish your mum all the best of luck and a speedy recovery.

All my hopes and dreams for both of you

Ken x

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