oh bum ,ive lost my good spell

oh bum ,ive lost my good spell

if anybody has it can they please return it ,as iwas enjoying it soooo much :)

i had such a lovely spell of feeling okish ,still a bit of pain but i could cope with it

now its back ,and its asking if i missed it ,

WELL NO quite frankly i didnt !

its back with avengence !!!!

grrrrr thats all i have to say lol

hope everyone is okish lol gentle hugs xxxxx :)

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  • bless you weel i aint got it wish i did lol who is the phantom good spell taker then ???????

    come on own up you know you want to ?

    and if it is you can you bring it to me lol love to you diddle x

  • if i ever find it again diddle i will share it with you lol :) xxx

  • Bless you love, hope you get another good spell very soon.

    Look after yourself in the meantime.

    Hugs Sue xxxxxx

  • me too sue ,this weather dosnt help ,maybe when we get some warm weather again ,fingers crossed xxx

  • It's like flippin' winter again at the moment isn't it Lynz! xxx

  • i think it feels colder ! brrrrrrr lol

  • Awww lynz, i am sorry i dont know where your good spell has gone as i certaintly havent got it lol.

    Dont want to brag but we have had lovely weather up here in the north yesterday and today. :) (i have went and jinxed it now havent i lol).

    Hugs, kel xxxx

  • Haha, love the pic lol xxxxx

  • oh dear kel ,thats it ,it will snow tomorrow lol :-D

  • Abracadabra!! Is that a good spell? I tried...hope it worked.

    In the meantime if I catch the pesky crittur I'll package it up and send it home

  • haha i like that :)

    and thank you ,cant wait lol :)

  • Oh hun hope it comes back soon, in the mean time take care of yourself.

    Sending big hugs.

    I still have mine (Just) at mo but can feel it slipping away :( Exhausted !! Dreaming of the weekend and its only mid week lol.

    I agree this weather does not help, bring on the sunshine. Today really felt like winter here, so gloomy.

    Hugs to you all, take care Lou x

  • well i hope yours dosnt go walk about like mine , lol :)

    tc hun and do hope you hang on to it xxx

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