Need advice about coming off ESA & going onto JSA

Can anyone help with this . At the moment I claim ESA, I have my medical with ATOS on the 19th Jan which I know I will fail , to be honest I feel my RA is under control just now I still get a few pains but nothing as bad as it was & I could look for work so as I know they will fail me I was thinkin of just taking myself off ESA & claiming JSA but as I live alone I also claim housing & council tax benefit & wonder if anyone knows if when I put in a new claim for JSA would I also have to put in a fresh claim for housing benefit 2 or would it just swap over as nothing else will have changed other than bein on JSA also if I do have to put in a new claim will I have to wait the usual 8 - 12 weeks before its sorted . Seems a bit daft & a waste of time having to put a new claim in though when everything is still the same finances wise. Hope someone can help me with this . Thank . Mandy

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  • Dont take yourself off it, let them, you never know you may pass it saain. As for your housing benefit I think it would be a new claim. But go to medical and let them decide .... good luck x

  • Thanks nutty09 . After all the comments I've had they all agree with you . So I'll stay on it and see what happens . Tho I'm expecting to fail as I'm a

    Alive ! X

  • Don't take yourself off of it but go to medical @ let them decide.

  • Hi Mandy

    Firstly I do agree with nutty

    09 that you should let them take you off it and yes it most likely would be a new claim.

    The thing with RA is that it is progressive and just because it is under control now it may take charge again in a week so please be aware of this.

    Take care and kindest regards.


  • Thanks Terry for your reply. I've decided to let them fail me . I know what www mean about it bein progressive . My hands were realty , really painful in Oct last yr but since they have recovered I've been ok hardly any probs at all but just no my right shin is beginning to do something it's not painfully just yet but it's dam annoying & keeps me awake . Think I'm goin to be a bit of an actress when I attend this thing but as I'm alive , breathing & turned up I've been told I will fail ! X

  • I would ring them and say you feel too unwell to attend the medical.They will arrange for someone to come to your home to do the medical,this will also stand in your favor. I had mine at home and the DR took one look at how poor my walking was when I walked through the door and said he wouldn't be doing any more tests and would reccomend that I was put in the support group!

  • you seem to be the same as me, ive had to turn down my second app for medical as the journey is over 1 hour plus expected to go up 4 flights of stairs (i hate lifts) i have osteoarthritis hoping they will agree to give me home visit failing that its jsa,i can hardly move about for the pain carnt even manage a doc app at times its the travelling, im 55 been on disability for 23 years, what chance do i have getting a job!!

  • Hi there before your meeting take a look at this website, just google mylegal ESA, the top one should be ESA Regulations under the magnifying glass, there you will find a full explanation on each question and how to answer it, hope this helps, good luck and gentle ((((HUGS)))), Kim (sorry couldnt find an easier way to add link)

  • Thanks Kim for your help . I will definitely take a look at that web site I'm sure it wilt be a big help . Thanks again . Hugs to you 2 x x

  • Just read the reply I sent you about that web site . Sorry for the few mistakes I seem to have made . Mind it is quite late or early depending how you look at it

    Hope what I said still makes sense

    Take care . ((( hugs ))) x x

  • Hi Kim

    Thanks for that web site , just had a quick look n oh dear , I've already filled out the form which I got in Nov , I sent it back almost straight away , just wanted to get it done I had no Ida about what ATOS was like at that time so I've prob failed by what I put or ticked on this form , stupidly I didn't even take a copy of it so I've no idea wilt I said . I can't believe how stupid I was but I was totally ignorant to all this its only nowiI'm finding out what there like and how stupid I have been by just filling it in & sending it back , now I really am worried as like I said I have no idea what my answers were why oh why didn't I copy it before I posted. It back what A fool . I'm going to have a proper look at this web site during the day today maybe it will jog my memory on some of what I said or ticked . I feel like such a fool now . Can't believe I've been so shyly and ignorant to alt this . Thanks so much for telling of about tips web site . I'll let you know what happens

    Take care

    Mandy x x

  • Hi, please wait for ATOS to decide. Yes you will have to put in new claims for housing and council tax benefits. JSA are asking people where I live which is sparsely populated, no work, to apply for 20 jobs a week each with threats to benefits being stopped if not adhered to, as you can imagine the stress is having a very detrimental effect and will worsen symptoms.

  • Thanks for your reply . I've decided I will stay on it if I fail I can appeal .being expected to apply 4 20 jobs a week is rather unreasonable , like there is 20 suitable to apply for ! They don't have a clue ! X x

  • Hello there Mandy, I personally would echo the comments above. If you switch to JSA you could put yourself under too much stress and pressure. See what happens with ESA and then review the situation if your claim isn't approved. You then have the choice as to whether to appeal or review your entire situation.

    Please let us know how it all goes, we are always here to help and support you as best we can.

    (((hug))) xxx


  • Hi & thanks to everyone who has replied to my question . I'm really quite worried about this ATOS thing. I've read what they ask you to do like , can I lift my arms above shoulder height , can I move around 0he house , make a cup of tea , get up the stairs . Yet I can do all of these things , well I can at the moment though there is constant pain in my legs so much so I take morphine orally twice a fly , I don't complain , wilt would be the point it won't make it go away like everyone else , we glue to learn to live with it . But all the things they are going to ask me to do , I can do them! I can sit for more than 10mins , I can walk without help all be it with pain in my legs , it seems to effect my right leg the most , although when it decides to attack n hands, wrists or elbow I can't do anything with whichever side its on. I will have to travel to this thing by bus it will take about an hour n half not a bus ride I'm looking forward to & I know they will even question how I got there and most likely watch me will into and out of the centre and no doubt watch me in the waiting room . My god it makes it sound like the Germans have landed on us again and are integrating us! !! sorry don't mean to offend anyone there . Guess I will have to turn into an actress !!! thing is I also know a few people with what I have & they all work so I feel guilty that I don't . I just know they will give me 0 points even a so called friend , who has diabetes & takes insulin seems to enjoy telling me YOU WILL FAIL THEY FAILED ME . Tried to tell her I would much rather have what she has than RA , all I get is NO YOU B****Y WELL WOULDN'T , yes I so would , you have ONE injection a day BUT YOU DON'T SUFFER ANY PAIN . I just get shouted at that if she can work then so can I , think most people call it jealousy though why she feels jealous is beyond me . I'm just so confused & worried there goin to investigate me , make me feel worthless then fail me . Talk about STRESS . Wish I could dig a hole & crawl in

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  • If you are in pain at all when walking/standing or sitting, ive read on one of the esa sights that you should tick that you cant do it or that it varies, and explain that you are in significant discomfort as soon as you start walking/sitting etc, and that you could not do it reliably/regularly and safely, as they are looking at how you would manage in the place of work, and are basing your answers on this. So if you say you can walk etc but dont tell them that this causes you significant discomfort then they may think you can sit and stand etc for hours at a time. I know how you feel, Keep your chin up.

  • It's so wrong the way they do this . Most of the time my legs feel like lead weights , I get cramp in my fee & calfs no warning it just happens ,you can be sure I will point all this stuff out they think , so I've read that if you can watch soaps your fit 4 work , I can watch soaps but you can guarantee I miss the last 10 mins cos I've nodded off !! Don't think a boss would be 2 impressed if I fell asleep at my computer every day . I will be pointing all this out to them , I'm also goin to take my mob in and record it all . I was meant to so this sat but cos of the snow it's been changed to the 14th Feb , so I may just write to them and ask them to record it . See what they say . Thanks for your advice

    Take care . x x x x x

  • i dont sleep at nights through my legs and feet giving me pain so when i eventually manage to get up and put my painful feet on the floor and get myself sorted, by lunchtime im so tired, i carnt sit for long either 10 mins most then have to hobble about for a few minutes til i can sit down again, ive heard they mark you down for actually answering the door to them! i carnt afford remote door opening just yet!!, its a case of telling them how much pain you suffer throughout the day and night, we can only do our best with them

  • I think like everyone else says here, let them take you off ESA. Your so called friend may have diabetes but that doesn't stop you working!! I agree with what you say, she doesn't experience pain as you do. I have diabetes, T2, but I have other health and mobility problems, but the diabetes doesn't rule me like the other things do!! I wish diabetes was my only problem!! XX

  • Thanks for your truly sue . This so called friend does seem to try and put me down ., hence so called . I've not spoken to her since I have decided not to take myself off ESA , I just know what her reply will be . Rid will no doubt shout at me WELL YOU WILL FAIL IT . If I do then I do but I can always appeal . We will see on or just after the 19th . No doubt wen / if I do fail she will no doubt look very pleased & tell me TOLD YOU YOU WOULD . Who needs friends like that , thought they were meant to support you not put you down . The pain I get is at times pretty bad but it's there most

    of the time in one form or another , like everyone else , it's something we have to put up with and get used to . Though if I was type 2 like my friend I certainly wouldn't be drinking a bottle of wine every night !! X x

  • OMG!!! I think alcohol is another of her problems don't you?? Like you say fibro and pain is something we have to cope with in our own way, but please keep logging in to this's truly brilliant and I feel I have made so many fibromite friends here, there's always someone who can help you, someone always has some friendly advice. Chin up, don't forget WE'RE BRITISH!! XXXX

  • I agree with you about the drinking , I don't know much about T2 diabetes but she tests her blood sugar levels , not sure if it help to be high or low , then she drinks her bottle of wine , pretty stupid telly she's causing it one day it's bound to do something , she don't think she has a prob though I've given up telling her now it's her life .

    It does seem like a good site , I've not been reg long but it has been a massive help . Its good to talk to people who know what your going through 2 . Like you say WE'RE BRITISH ! xxxxxxxx

  • well diabetes is a strange thing, no 2 days are the same. If she's sensible she'll aim to keep her blood sugar levels within the 'normal' range!! But it is great here isn't it?? I love it, I come and have a read every day, and it is great to know you're not alone. It really cheers me up to know there are so many others who feel the same way I times total crap!!! XXX

  • Yeah it's good to talk to others who are going through the same kind of things . People are so helpful there's always someone who seems to have the answer . I have visited every day since I reg .

    Hope your not feeling too crap just now.

    Take care

    (((hugs))) x x

  • I only recently found out I was put on the contribution based payment for ESA, which means I only get it for 52 weeks, no-one bothered to tell me this until 3 weeks before it was due to run out (8th Dec 2012) so at the moment my payments have stopped, I am appealing and have been advised by my support worker against applying for JSA as I would then be saying "I feel I am fit for work", although when I questioned whether I could get JSA at my last job centre meeting with my personal adviser that I would not qualify for JSA as the medical that was done by ATOS does not run out till March 2013, and that says that I am UNFIT for work, so my support worker is using this statement along with doctors notes etc... in my appeal to go onto the support group (which my doctor, my personal advisor at job centre and my support worker all think I should have been on in the first place when my money changed to ESA from Incapacity, will let you know what the outcome is, although you may have a long wait as have been told it could take 6 months to get an answer, Kim x

  • if they do fail you .you will claim jsa and yes you will have to put in a new claim for houseing and council tax benefitand soon as you have you,r esults put a claim the same day if possible. i am on esa and am having anothewr medical in january and like you i expect to failand i have made equiries about my money and was told i would have to put a new claim in for housing and council tax benefit

  • dippymb please dont go into ur medical thnkin that ur goin to fail!!!! I failed my 1st one ut on the 2nd visit i got awarded the full ESA support group, i just keep getting turned down for DLA 4 times now & im not givin up on that either!!!!!!.. Dont put urself under any more stress than you need hun just go in there and tell them what its like on a very bad day, after all your not going to have good days every day!!!!!! good luck xx sending hugs x

  • Thanks I'm goin to try get a home visit lol if I can't then I'm goin in there limping , not being able to use at least 1 hand and arm if they make me wait like I've been told they do chances are I'll fall asleep !!! Since I get very very little at nite , I can't remember the last time I slept , unbroken sleep that is , for more than 3 hrs! !! I usually fall asleep for wat half an hour then I'm awake again , last nite or should I say this morning 10.30 to be exact I fell asleep for 3 n ahhalf hours wen I woke I thought WOW not slept that long in 1 go for ages I'm going to have a party lol . Will let you no wat happens . Love and (((hugs))) to you 2 x x x

  • Wishing you all the very best Dippy, please let us know how it goes! xxxx

  • Not allowed a home visit , what a surprised !! I was due to go tomorrow but due to the snow , it's pretty bad hear, thought I should give them a ring , they let me change the date AGAIN this is the 3rd time now I've changed it , in now I have to go on the 14th Feb at 2.35 , I was told I could absolutely not change it again, but as it was because of the snow they were allowing people to change to as yet I'm still on esa I will let people know how it goes when I eventually manage to get there . xxxxxx

  • Well talk about mess ppl about . I wat due to go for this so called medical just sat but due to the snow it was changed the 14th Feb at 2.35 got the confirmation letter Thursday then today I get a new letter telling me it has been changed to the 11th Feb at 9.20 , god nos why they changed it now it means I will have to get up at stupid o'clock , 6AM to get there , they know I I have to travel 30 odd mile to get there , that's if I can find someone to take me at that time , I can't ask them to change it , it's been changed 3 times already . I can't believe they expect someone to travel 30 mile to see them , can't understand why it's been changed to such a silly time . As if they don't give us enough to stress over . I'm not even sure I can get there for that time , no idea what I should do now . Feel so fed up at being messed about

    Oh well tomorrows a new day let's hope it's a better one

    X x x X

  • ive been took of esa after 11 years im alchol dependent depression and social axiety plus pains i cant get out the house unless im wiv somebody 

  • Defo don't take yourself off it . as for housing benefit council tax all I had to do was phone them that I was now on jsa that's all good luck hope the RA stays at bay x

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