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Hi, I'm relatively new to this site having just been diagnosed with fibro. I have to see someone on New Year's Eve about my DLA finishing and applying for PIP. Can anyone tell me will it be a medical or just a question and answer type investigation. They say on the letter that it's to see how my condition affects my day to day life. Any help would be appreciated. I'm a 67 year old woman if that makes any difference, and have had DLA for thirteen years, and was told I had it for life originally. Thanks in anticipation,


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Hi Lolacan,

I can't answer all your questions, but someone will come along soon and I'm sure you will get some answers.

I do know that after the age of 65, you don't get PIP, but you get Attendance Allowance. I don't know how it goes if you're already getting DLA.

Good luck for New Year's Eve, and I hope all goes well for you.

GP. 😊


I do not know how it will go as these assessors appear to do these things differently? As Greenpeace says, you could try for Attendance Allowance as you are over 65? I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck with your assessment :) :)

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Everyone who is on Dla at the moment will eventually be transferred to PIP it is happening faster in some,areas. They will be looking into how your illness affects you on a daily basis and what help and assistance you require on a regular basis in order to cope with your problems. This can be help from another person or from aids and adaptations. Do stress to them when something causes you greatoain and fatigue if you undertake it e.g showering, washing your hair, preparing a meal. Can you do things repeatedly or can you only perhaps walk a short distance and then have to rest for 10 minutes before making the next step.

Take your list ifmedswithyou and information about appts with specialists etc. Let us know how you get on.x

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Thank you for that information. i have had two consultations with specialists in the last two weeks, and have two more in January, so I shall take all that information with me. It seems that most people, no matter what their problems, are not successful, but we can but try. Thanks again, I will report back when I have a result x


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