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Hi there .having just spoken to someone about PIP and new claims,has anyone on DLA claimed PIP or have they waited until contacted cos I read that if you claim before it s introduced they could turn you down.what experiences of this has anyone had?

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Hi anbuma3

I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? I have pasted you below a link and some excerpts from the Citizens Advice Bureau Guide to PIP & DLA which relate to your question. In short, if you are receiving DLA you should wait to be contacted by the DWP and invited to make a claim for PIP.

Citizens Advice Bureau - Advice Guide for PIP & DLA:


Top tips - Excerpts from Citizens Advice Bureau Gudie to PIP & DLA

If you're getting DLA, you don't need to do anything about PIP until the DWP contacts you. Some people getting DLA will be affected by the introduction of PIP from October 2013, but most people won't be affected until 2015.

Personal Independence Payment (PIP) is a benefit for people aged 16 to 64 with a long-term health condition or disability. Some people aged 65 or over can also get it. It has replaced Disability Living Allowance (DLA) for anyone who is not getting DLA and who wants to make a new claim.

If you're already getting DLA, PIP is being introduced gradually over several years and will eventually replace

DLA. The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) will write to you at some point asking you to claim PIP instead of DLA.

If you're getting DLA and you were aged 16 to 64 on 8 April 2013, or you reach the age of 16 on or after this date, the DWP will eventually ask you to make a claim for PIP instead. This will happen even if you have an indefinite or lifetime award of DLA. You can't choose to go on getting DLA.

You won't get PIP automatically just because you qualify for DLA. You'll have to make a claim for it. If you don't claim when the DWP asks you to, your DLA payments will stop.

The DWP expects that most people who are getting DLA should qualify for PIP. However, because it's a new benefit with different conditions of entitlement, it's possible you won't get it. Or you may be entitled to a different rate of payment, which could be lower or higher than you're getting now.

If you were 65 or over on 8 April 2013 and getting DLA, you can carry on getting it you're eligible. The DWP won't contact you about claiming PIP and you can't choose to make a claim for PIP.

I genuinely hope that this helps you?

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


HIi Ken,

still up I couldnt get back to sleep.ive just looked at the both websites and it says that those currently in receipt of DLA wont need to wait for a qualifying period and based on DOB and area will receive a letter in 2015.



From what I understood PIP system doesn't exist in certain areas that have not transferred to the new PIP system, ie still on DLA system. Seems to vary which system around the country is presently being used.

I guess if your benefits office hasn't changed over to PIP yet they don't have the facility to process PIP until they have.(???)

That said, you can still apply for DLA.



Im confused its not hard nowadays. Lol...ive been on dla a few years and ive gad the paperwork as its runs out in april...its dla not pip...does that mean nezt year in 2015 i will have do it all again for pip....i will be 61 in jan next year......xxx


where in the country do you live.it s based on post code when they issue claims according to the website .


My DLA was due to end in November. In June I had a letter saying I had to make a new claim for PIP, and if I applied by a certain date my DLA payments would continue until a decision was made.

I had a phone call a month ago at 8.30 in the morning from Capita saying I would not need an assessment and to expect a brown envelope in the post within 2 weeks! After 3 weeks I rang to see what was happening and was told to make an appointment for an assessment! This was made for 11th December at home( nearest centre his 1 1/2 hours away. 1.30 came and went. I rang capita at 2.00 and they tried ringing assessor, no answer. I rang again at 2.45, they tried assessor again , no answer and therefore to assume she wasn't coming and was told to ring up on Monday to make another appointment! The stress has played havoc with my body and I have spent most of the last few days in bed..


"The DWP expects that most people who are getting DLA should qualify for PIP. However, because it's a new benefit with different conditions of entitlement, it's possible you won't get it. Or you may be entitled to a different rate of payment, which could be lower or higher than you're getting now."

I do not see how getting the higher rate is even chance as they have changed the distance of walking by 40% and a few others are now downgraded so points are more difficult. One strange thing is they has reported that if you have claimed ESA they will use that claim as a basis to the PIP even though 90% of the questions are not relevant or the same? As most people know what we mean and what their interpretation is can be very different.

If I was you I would wait and in the meantime get some advice ready in case.

Be Well


I am in west country. Cornwall


My two sons live in Leicester in fact in same house at the moment both have fibro along with other things. One had to have an assessment the other didn't but also i think one was PIP and the other DLA both have kept there mobility and one has the lower of the now two rates of care component although they both manage to work so far even though have been advised by GPs to quit but how do they manage financially if they lose jobs they are only 25 and 26. My daughter had her PIP last Tuesday after waiting 32 weeks she is now waiting the results but like she said the mobility part which is her biggest problem with her hips as she has a labral tear that is causing joint disease. There are only now a couple of questions on it. She has had to give up work as they did a medical on her at her job and said she was unfit for work. Her concentration level is zero, she cant sit for long at all or stand, her blood pressure is like mine and low which means she feels faint a lot. The most stupid question i don't get is are you awake when conscious now who thought up that one!! or is it are you conscious when awake whichever way around i remember sitting there looking at it thinking what? I hope she hears soon as her and her partner are struggling with her losing her job through health. My son who had his assessment was throughCapita my daughters is ATOS she said the lady was very nice and her partner went with her and answered some of the questions as he has to help her with some things she cant even stand a quilt on her hips at some times.


I was claiming dla then replayed as circumstances changed I automactly qualified for do a ,as the changes don't come in for me till 2015 ,my husband put in for pip back in September but still hasn't heard anything ,


i dont hold out too much hope.i reapplied for DLA care sometime ago as could do much less for myself but turned down


Hi , My Friend moved from DLA to PIP without them contacting her ,everything went smoothly she had no interview and in a matter of weeks it was sorted ,she is glad she done it now and that's her for 3 years . She might just have been lucky though.I also read last week that claims are going through quicker ,but I think its a lottery ,but mybe worth a try .


sorry not sure i follow .did she apply for PIP and it was granted or did they automatically transfer her to PIP?


Hi sorry she transferred to pip early from DLA.


Hi i have chronic fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome i applied for PIP a year ago and have at last been awarded the standard care part and the enhanced mobility rate. Apply now as it takes a long while to get the appointment for the assessment. If you are refused then it is worthwile appealing.


Pip used my medical assessment by Atos 2 years ago as part of awarding my Enhanced rate pip along with other medical evidence was previously disaalowed pip but asked for reconsideration in went in my favour


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