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FMS strikes again

Well everyone, firstly i am apologising to you all for me not being here much, I feel bad about that.

Today I headed off for my podiatry appointment. I was chomping at the bit and could not wait to get there. I even refused to let the cold weather get me down.

I got there and was not waiting long before I was called in. I do not hobble along anymore, I wobble along. This is because I am now experiencing heel pain in the left foot caused by all the limoping on the right foot. So now I have a new diagnosis of Plactar fasciitis in both feet, ruptue Plantar right and damaged tendons to ankle plus tightening of the achilles. No wonder I am wobbling along.

Anyway I came away with insoles to break in 1 hour twice a day and gel heel cups. A referral to physio for splints to keep the feet at a right angle when at rest or sleeping. That sounds so uncomfortable. Heel already badly deformed so much so that the right foot turns inwards now on its own.

And where does the FMS come in? Well she thinks it is highly unlikey that due to the FMS anything that is done will be successful and even if I reconsider surgery I am told there is a good chance it will eaither make no difference or make things worse.

What amazed me was the knowledge of FMS by the podiatrist. She was so lovely too.

Will try and get on here over the next few days and join in as I feel lost without you all XXXXX

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I was referred to podiatry for my arthritis in my feet, they gave me generic insoles which were really not much use, my newest rheumy got me an appt with orthotics and I have moulded to measure insoles now so much better .... If you don't feel these you have now are helping after a while see if you can get referred to orthotics.

VG x


Thanks VG, will remember that. They also gave the gel heel cups but I am not sure when I should use those, do I use them with the insoles or on their own. So confused lol. Anyway I ended up having the insoles in for two hours this morning instead of one hour. I forgot to take then out. XXXXX


Yes my Physio is extremely knowledgeable about fibro.


I hope my physio will be when I go over my feet. But I was surprised that the podiatrist was so knowledgeable xxxxx


Oh dear Ozzygirl you really are in the wars aren't you. I hope things start to improve for you soon (I won't say hope you feel better soon because it makes me mad when people say that to me when I'm not going to feel better any time soon)

Good to see you back on here.

Hope your daughter is ok

Take care

Lynne x


Daughter has yet another UTI. She has one for 7 days out of every 9. I really wish they would put her on a nightly one to try and keep her clear. Me, in the wars, always lol. I am only just getting on here now and it is nearly time to go again. I had to look up Valgus heel before. It is swaying me slightly on having the op, but I have to put my daughter first on this one. XXXXX


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