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Hello everyone,

Hi, new to site. My go has just begun treating me for fibromyalgia, prescribing neurontin. Apart from recognising a lot of the symptoms which I had separately gone to my go over the last few years, this started with what I would say is a flare up. Now with it being difficult to diagnose, I'm still curious if it is this, these pills don't seem to help the ache/pain. My hands and fingers permenanty hurt, ache, uncomfortable. And this hasn't gone away for over two weeks. Is this similar to other sufferers?

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In a word, yes. Sorry about that :) Welcome to the site. Problem with FMS, there is a range of symptoms, range of severity, which is why it is difficult to diagnose and some Drs don't know much about it either. I would recommend going back to see your GP, he/she sounds good, pain in hands etc. Arthritis is something which some have us have too. I'm sorry to say there really isn't anything that will take the pain away completely, but perhaps you could talk about other options at some date if you don't see any improvement at all. It could well be that you are in the middle of a nasty flare and nobody can tell you how long it will take to ease. Do you get any tingling, numb, shooting type pains in your hands? Possibly, or not, some have carpal tunnel syndrome. So much to take in, I do hope you find some more answers.

Wish you well Tulip :) xx


Yes, it's like an ache, then tingly and occasional throbbing in fingers, it was all my arm a few weeks ago, when I wanted my arms amputated, so it has improved. Thank you for your response, there was self doubt in the question too, and doubt about wrong diagnosis


I think Carpal Tunnel involves some loss of sensation too, but that was my experience, I don't know if others would agree. I have often in the past begged for somebody to take an axe to my arms so I can most def. relate to that. All you can do is what you're doing, looking for more info. see what helps for other people, talking to your GP. maybe at some stage to talk to a Rheumatologist. Tulip xx


Sadly this is my experience, I also have arthritis. I would keep going to discuss things with your GP as to keep them up to date with how you are feeling. I want to gneuinely wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you



I find the change in the weather makes my joints ache more and need to add tramadol for breakthrough pain. Not yet on max neurotine

Talk it through with GP and be kind to yourself

Gentle hug 😿✊


Hello Your pains in your hands could be due to either arthritis or fibro And as far as i know both can cause carpal tunnel syndrome..

Some simple tests at the hospital can soon determine if it is carpal tunnel.

This is a link to the NHS site about carpal tunnel.

Carpal tunnel tends to cause numbness and tingling in you thumb, first finger and down the side of your middle finger.

See your gp and mention it to them so that they can decide where to go on treatment,.

In the mean time try Voltarol it help me.

Sue :)


Hi and welcome to the forum :)

If you get pain around your wrist as well as the fingers it could well be Carpal tunnel, I found with it the pain was worse at night. If you get a wrist splint to wear only at night it can help reduce some of the ache in your wrist and fingers. As Mayrose says a pain relieving gel can also help. I also found that you have to keep your hands mobile or they try to stiffen up. I lost the sensation in the tips of my fingers but thankfully after surgery it has all come right again :)

I hope you can find a solution to your aches. I am sorry that you have been diagnosed with Fibro as it has a lot to offer.

There are some fun posts on the forum that are used to distract and make us laugh, and everyone knows that laughter is the best medicine there is.....join in :)


Hi and welcome, sorry you have this diagnosis too. It's not much fun, but the folk on here are. Being able to enjoy a bit of daft humour seems to help somehow.

I've discovered that the pain moves about from one place to another, and varies in intensity. Our current weather doesn't help at all, we all seem to feel a bit better in the summer months. Best wishes MariLiz


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