Post holiday blues

Hi everyone

After spending 3 lovely weeks in sunny, warm Florida we eventually arrived home to a very cold and windy Aberdeen, Scotland. Pain kicked in immediately with avengance and can now hardly move, had no sleep at all since Monday night and now it's Friday.

Would like amputation of all limbs or pain relief. At iMessage I wonder about our moral values - we wouldn't allow an animal to suffer with this chronic pain and yet some of us get very little or no help.

Twitching and shaking have got worse and more painful can't decide whether or not to see my GP.

Have a good day, hugs and twitch free. Rest well my friends xx

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  • Hi I'm really sorry that you're in so much pain, and of course the granite city will be really cold, it's bad enough in Edinburgh I've got the heating up full. I hope your pain eases off a bit soon gentle hugs rosie x

  • Thanks Rosie, it's very windy today and it cut right through me making pain almost unbearable. Finally managed to have a nap on the sofa for 3 hours, not feeling too great after it but it was sleep 💤💤💤

  • What part of Florida??? Sorry about your pain though that is bad 😁. I hope you may find some relief soon!!!

  • I was in Orlando, Clearwater, Daytona Beach and Jacksonville. My partner is a football fan so we went to 2 matches and met some amazing people.

  • Cool I use to live on west coast ft Myers area!!

  • I am so genuinely sorry to read that you are now suffering and struggling so much after returning home, and I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Hi Sottish piglet! Fit like? As a fellow Aberdonian I share your pain on coming back from warmer climes! I was in Turkey in July & September and felt so sore on my return home. I've not yet been officially diagnosed with fibro but a doc said its probably what I have. I am looking forward to a trip to New York on December 14th, a 50th Birthday present from my lovely other half - I know it won't be warm but am hoping the excitement of being there will get me through without suffering too much. I have another doc appointment on 11th so will ask for stronger painkillers than dehydracodeine to help. I hope you manage to find some relief.

    Have a good day & take care xx

  • I'm nae bad, foos u?

    Thanks for the reply, enjoy New York but be very careful as it is freezing over there make sure you have plenty warm clothing. I celebrated my 50th in September so our 3 weeks in Florida was my treat. I was diagnosed with Fibro about 18 months ago and can't believe how much my life has changed, moving house and having to give up work. The eventual diagnosis is a relief and a downer when you realise that you won't get better and just have to learn to live with it.

    Have a good day too xx

  • Lol! Thanks for that, I've also been told to take comfy shoes with me! We are going to try to cram as much onto our week & a bit as we can so I'm really hoping I'm on an adrenaline rush and able to get about and see the place. I feel as if I need the diagnosis, something official, on paper that says what I have because I think when you say you are hurting all over, other people just go "oh aye" and think you are putting it on. I've been in varying amounts of pain since I was 15, was told them its because I'm tall & you will just have to put up with it. I've noticed a big increase in my discomfort this year and have been back & fore to doctors who originally thought it was hypothyroidism but 4 sets of blood tests came back "normal" last doc I saw suggested fibromyalgia & more or less said that what I have, next day appointment with him to get details for a referral - he was called away to locum somewhere else and doc I saw just gave me more painkillers. I've had to cancel an appointment on Tuesday due to a prior engagement and next one is 11th December. I was made redundant from a Receptionist / Admin position in July, I've been looking for a new job and I think the stress of that is making me worse, as am in agony most of the day, can't sleep at night & just generally feel awful. Have been interviewed this week for a job in hospital laundry but if I get it, I doubt I will be able to cope, still hard going even with using machines for a lot of the work.

    Anyway, thanks for your reply, fine to hear a "kint voice" - have a good Saturday, sending gentle bosies! x

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