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Rheumatology (Fibromyalgia no such thing)


Well I went to my Rheumatology appointment at the hospital, Dr who said you had Fibromyalgia

Me to Dr The rheumatology DR in 2007/8.

Dr no Fibromyalgia is a young person thing and its in the mind and your mind seem ok .

You can image I was not happy with this Dr, I felt let down and just though to myself what a load of rubbish.

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Unfortunately the medical profession has a history of treating unexplained illness as all in the head. This default position has been applied for Parkinsons ,Multiple Sclerosis and stomach ulcers as a coping mechanism for doctors having no available treatment for the symptoms patients presented.

The time it takes for outdated theories changing is quite considerable but I believe the tide is turning not as fast as we would all want but it is happening.

I am so genuinely sorry to read that and I agree completely with Ian on this, please do not feel to deflated as there are plenty more doctors and specialists in the country and some will take you seriously. I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you


Just like frogs not all doctors turn into princes. Not suggesting you kiss anyone.

I think I would have educated him about fibro!

Yes,there are still some Drs who if they can't understand something they tell the patient It doesn't exist,just to save face.I'm old enough to remember when Multiple

Sclerosis was the same.Drs who couldn't understand it ,told patients it didn't exist and

so many people got hurt.Some Drs are incredibly arrogant.It's we who should feel sorry for them!

I had a similar experience when I finally got to see my Rhumetoligist who does not believe in Fibro and gave me a three minute chat and a leaflet and sent me packing. Fortunately I have a great GP and a wonderful Diabetic consultant who both put their necks out for me and said they had independently confirmed I had chronic Fibromygelia and would be referring me to pain clinic. One week later I got a letter from Rhumetoligist stating he did indeed believe I had Fibro.

I think these people should be struck off for the pain and suffering in people's lives.

I hope you are sorted if not most hospitals have more than one Rhumetologist or go to another local hospital for a second opinion. Personally I think we would be better under the care of neurologists until they have fibro specialists.

Best wishes


I agree fully with the statement that Fibro would be better under the care of neurologists. I posted an article I came across on line a few days ago that basically said that Fibro was a nervous system disorder. It makes perfect sense to me the a neurologist would be better positioned to help us 🐸

sharron1 in reply to Sorebones

Hi Scorebones

please could you tell me where this posting is ie about Fibro was a nervous disorder that you.

Sorebones in reply to sharron1

If you check my posts over the last couple of weeks you will get the link. I'm no expert in negotiating this forum site though, but I'm sure you can find out. I think you could search under sore ones xx

Sorebones in reply to Sorebones

Sorry. Technical error. Check under Sorebones. Spell check didn't change it that time ha ha 🐸

Hi Sharon

Just click on Sorebones name or pic and her profile will appear. You can then select the post you wish to read ☺️

Lu xx

Sorebones in reply to sharron1

Just wondering if you found the post ok?

sharron1 in reply to Sorebones

yes thank you

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