Excellent lecture on fibromyalgia

This is an excellent lecture by a US professor of rheumatology on fibromyalgia. It goes through all the symptoms and all the treatments and management options. I found it enormously helpful. I've noticed some new folk on site asking, what is fibro, what can I do? This is an old video but it's excellent so I'm posting again.

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  • Hi Apple, I've seen this before and it's very good, so thank you for posting it again, as a you say it may help some of our newer members to come to a better understanding on what Fibro is and what we can do. Thanks :-)

    Foggy x

  • Hi Apple,iam just in the process of watching this,have just watched half of it and it's good as it explains it all in an easy to understand way.However,I may have to watch other half later as my foggy brain keeps losing concentration :(

  • I know! Had the same problem myself! :)

  • Excellent,thank you for posting! Very good and detailed xxx

  • Can't open it

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