Rheumatology asessment

It's only a few months since I was diagnosed by my GP as having Fibromyalgia. I was told at the time, no cure and no treatment that would be suitable for me due to digestive problems. I asked for a referral to someone more experienced who would be able to help or advise me.

So, tomorrow I have an appointment at the Rheumatology clinic. I haven't a clue what to expect, though I have been told to take a urine sample, list of medications, and to wear clothing that is easy to remove.

I have been feeling OK about the appointment until now, when I am getting quite anxious about it. can anyone who has had one of these assessments advise me what to expect, and how long I am likely to be there please? Will I be up to driving myself home, or will I need to take my son along with me as chauffeur?

Thanks, Em

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  • Hi Mal , do not be worried about your medical. I had to have one and all they did was xrays to rule out Arthritis and a brief medical of feeling joints and some blood samples, clothing easy to remove as they do the knee jerk thing and basically feel the pressure point that hurt. hope all goes well...... x Nutty x

  • Thanks, that eases my mind a bit, it's the not knowing what to expect that gets to me

    Em x

  • Hi Mal, please try not to worry about your Rheumatology appointment. It will be fine. I remember mine - I had blood tests, my urine sample was analysed. I was asked to strip down to my undies (bra and knickers) and I was examined as I stood still to start with, then the Rheumatologist did the tender point test on me. (See link below). He moved my legs and arms into various positions to assess my range of movement, he also checked the movement in my back/spine. My feet and ankles were checked too, hips, shoulders, neck etc.


    We also discussed my meds and these were reviewed. I had a follow-up appointment for 6 week's time to see how I was responding to the new meds.

    I also had XRays to see the extent of my Osteoarthritis.

    You might not have exactly the same as I did, but I hope it will give you some idea. Perhaps someone else will reply and tell you their experience too. It all helps hopefully. :)

  • Yes it does help thank you. Thanks also for the link. Looks like I might be there a while tomorrow. Hope it doesn't hurt too much as I am feeling rater 'fragile' at the moment, hips and knees just don't want to go up and downstairs etc.

    At least now I have some idea what to expect and don't feel quite so apprehensive about the appointment

    Thanks again

    Em x

  • The thing to remember Em is that if it hurts say so otherwise the Rheumy won't realise. I was ouching and ahhhhhing all over the place, a few shrieks too. If we react that's how they realise how much pain we are in. If we keep silent they will think we're ok.

    Just be yourself, be honest and you will be fine. Please let us know how it all goes for you. Take care. :)

  • Wil report back once it is all over. If it hurts - they will know. :)

  • That's the way to do it, let them know when it hurts. Wishing you all the best :)

  • Mine was nothing like that. I had the urine sample and blood test but apart from that I was poked a few times whilst sitting in a chair fully clothed. Took 15 mins tops! was flabbergasted to be so easily.

  • MIne was brilliant, he ordered scans, exrays, nerve specialists, bloods, said he thought I had frozen shoulder and carpal tunnel syndrome. Went back a month later when he had all the results, he said, " did I tell you I thought it was Fibromyalgia"? I was like, NO" he took my left hand and touched a certain point and I yelled, he said there you go, Fibro! That was it. Please dont be scared. x

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