Hi everyone just would like to ask do any of you get vertigo. I've been having Realy scary symtoms - if I've my head down reading then lift it to stand up I start to lose hearing of surroundings but a loud tunnel type noise in my head feeling faint an clammy had to be given a seat an water in local health shop yesterday. Just wonder could it be a vertigo thing . Also new symtom of shooting pain in feet an gands like shocks 😥

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  • Hi

    Just a guess for you to investigate but it sounds like it could be orthostatic hypertension. Quite common amongst ME, CFS or Fibro sufferers.

    Sorry, can't think of anything specific with the shooting pains though.

    Margaret :)

  • Thanks Margaret I will look at this thank you

  • Yes I get this, it's probably low blood pressure, have you had yours checked recently ?

  • Yea in July said it was fine 🤔

  • I get the same all the time also if I spend too long on my feet I get the same x

  • Awful feeling 😓Thanks

  • If this is a new symptom I advise you to see your GP, it is most unpleasant and can have many causes. I hope you get some relief soon. xx

  • I have had the shooting pains for many years, long before my Fibro diagnosis. As most of them are in my head I've always referred to them as 'Brain Zaps' No doc ever understood them, and the closest I got was one doc thinking it was Neuralgia.

    I began having occasional bouts of vertigo approx 3 years ago. Although many people with Fibro get this, better to get it checked out with doctor as there are numerous causes. This last year I have been getting more frequent attacks, so now have to take medication twice a day

    Alas I still get the shooting pains / electric shocks. As they can't be predicted there seems to be no real cause or cure.

    Hope you get your symptoms sorted out soon

    Em xx

  • I also get sharp shooting pains in my head that last only about 15 seconds to a minute at a time. Doctors say these are "ice pick" headaches. I also have the sensation of electric shock throughout my body at times. The only thing I have been able to attribute this to has been hormone changes at the times it has happened. I hope you find peace.

  • Ice pick, yes that just about sums it up. I doubt it is my hormones being of an age now when they should be nicely settled down :) I have two Fibro friends and discovered they also get this. They don't last long and most occasions before I can say 'ouch' they are gone. This last year I have been getting them in my arms also, although they don't last long, they are so sharp that whatever happens to be in my hands ends up on the floor.

  • Sounds like it could be a blood pressure problem.

  • Hi Snooze

    I am so genuinely sorry to read that you are experiencing this issue, and although I am not a doctor I do agree with the others that it is more than likely related to your blood pressure. I would discuss this with your GP just to ascertain if it is for sure. Please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Hi Snooze,

    I agree with some of the things others have mentioned, but like Ken I would very much urge you to contact your GP about this. My sister in law had a similar feeling and was diagnosed with labyrinthitis, so there is another one to add to your list of possible causes.

    I really hope that your GP can find the cause and give you suitable treatment as soon as possible as it must be really miserable feeling as you do.

    I'm sending lots of positive healing vibes your way 😊😊

    Foggy x

  • Oh yes that's a big problem for me!!

  • I have labyrinthitis and I suffer badly with dizziness and 'funny feelings' i would get your blood pressure checked again and if all is ok then perhaps it's could be something going on in your ears, ask your doc to check them too.

    I don't get the shooting pains (apart from in my back but I've got a diagnosed nerve issue there so that's what causes mine) but again if you're worried have a chat to your GP.

    Hugs xxx

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