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Hi everyone, well been to my G.P today. She cannot get hold of my results from the rheumatologist, says they think it is something I can't pronounce starts with Osc . Asked for a letter for the Appeal the reply was " they don't take any notice of what we say ". So she is treating as fibromyalgia. She gave me Amitriptyline 10mg. And Tramadol and to go on line to a pain management place. Was crying feeling like a fool got home my foot is killing!!! me never mind the rest of my pains. Sorry just needed to have a moan . But Why oh Why me I think!!!!!!!!!!

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Hi Dianne,

I'm sorry your visit to your GP wasn't as beneficial as you might have hoped, but at least she has given you appropriate treatment for fibro, both amitriptyline and Tramadol can help both with sleep and with pain. I hope that by now you will have taken some Tramadol and that the pain in your foot is now easing, along with all your other pains.

Don't apologise for a moan, that is what we are here for, a safe place to come and let off steam and get support from those who under stand what you are going through😊😊

Foggy x


Hi Dianne, not everyone, understands especially Drs what it is like to suffer like you obviously are. The system is a joke, amitriptyline is to help you with the pain at night and tramdol works for some. As for a letter for an appeal, who says it won't help. I think most Drs just can't be bothered, just keep going back to the Drs and wear them down, that is what I done and it worked. I hope you feel a bit more positive tomorrow xx


Awwww, hate when I have other health stuff on top of Fibro . Hope you get answers soon .


I am so genuinely sorry to read that your GP did not go too well, and I sincerely want to wish you all the best of luck. Please take care of yourself.

All my hopes and dreams for you




It would be worth ringing the rheumatologist's secretary and request a copy of the letter sent to your GP.

You are entitled to read any information written about you under the Patient Charter, an old Act but still current, (also Data Protection Act). To further smooth the way, ask if they need you to send a stamped addressed envelope, then there is no excuse about tight budgets etc.

I had to do this years ago when I asked for blood results and letters from the rheumatology department and they were initially reluctant.

You could also ring your GP receptionist and explain you need copies for the DWP, again they are obliged to give you them under the same Acts, but may ask for a small charge.

It is worth remembering when you have any hospital appointments to ask the specialist for a copy of the letter they are going to send your GP, BEFORE you leave the room. Do not be embarrassed, in my experience they like that you are engaged in your own health and treatment.

It is useful for your own benefit too, as you can research your condition and medication and be prepared to clarify or discuss points you may be concerned about.

It is a shame that you have to be so pro-active about your health care, but if you don't follow up these things then you will not know about any mistakes or omissions.

Doctors are humans too ! :) :)

Hope this helps.


Thankyou bluebell99, it has been very helpful. Sometimes though I feel like G.P.s are from another planet. All my Doctor wanted was to get me out of the room so she could see the next person. I was still crying so had to go the surgery toilet to straighten myself up. As they took my car, I had to go on the bus looking distraught and embarrassed. Thankyou again


Sorry sweetie. It does get better. No matter what trampoline will help with the pain. Take with paracetamol. You can call her secretary and demand a repeat of the test. Strat gently and explain your case.

If nothing works,asks for full names and Jon title, then say fine, who complain officially in writing to, got too much pain, can't sleep, walk, be shoved aside. Onus by law is on them to find the results or repeat the test. See if you can get transport, maybe?

It's a battle to get diagnosed with a well known disease, let alone a relatively obscure one.

You can further change Rheumatologist if you wish.

Hope you find the right treatment.



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