Meditation anyone?????????

Hi does anyone do meditayion as a pain relief from fibro? was talking to lady bout 63 few weeks ago she jus been diagnosed and is anti tablets and she goes to her bedroom and meditates! anyone else find that this works, i think that it would for bit but dont think half hour getting deep into my inner self and my thoughts would see me through the day but hay why not give it a try i will try anything, she does not put on any cd s or anything she just literally sits or lays on her bed and closes her eyes and just totally relaxes down but i know if i heard a noise outside i would jump up and it would disturb my train of thought or someone would call or text. any thoughts ?????? love and soft hugs Diddle xxxx

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  • This interest me was thinking if I could relax my body then maybe, anyone tried it meditation class tonight if I make it !

  • Hi Penny and diddle.....My daughter - Rach1977 - will help you about meditation, but her computer has broken. She hopes to be getting a new one tonight though. If you both message her separately she would see that, but may miss any blogs by the time she gets back onto the site. She's been to meditation classes so I'm sure she will be able to help and give you info.Take care both.

  • thankyou for that ,its nice to hear from people who have tried it, i am not knocking it i will give anything a try to see. i used to love yoga but cant do it now i have a lower back injury that i done at work few years ago so with that and fibro it jus not happening but one day i may be able to do it again. thanks again diddle x

  • thanx will do

  • I have done sahaja yoga which you dont have to tie yourself in a granny knot for, but can sit in a chair if the floor is difficult. it is just a relaxation technique, so long as you dont follow the religious side, but the actualy meditation technique is extremely effective

  • oh thankyou for that not heard of it but will look it up and maybe give it a go whats the worse that can happen i end up tying myself to a chair lol take care love and soft hugs Diddle xxx

  • the pain killers dont, ardly work i used everything to try with the pain but no go i find the tiredness is has bad so called freind dropped me im no fun anymore ive have been like this frm 1997

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