a great day

hi everyone i went on a carers day last week it was geat it was for four hours we tried origami then we had a relaxation class after that it was lunch then the final hour was reflexology that was absolutley wonderful i dont know if anyone has tried it but its worth giving it a go i felt totally relaxed best day in a long while i could have went to sleep when the lady was doing my feet about the only time i could lol if you suffer bad with your feet try it xx

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  • Sounds lovely , was a Trail patient about 5 years ago it was lovely , if I get my pip I am going to have. Monthly massage it's even better ,

    Glad you had a lovely day , are you going to do another one ?


  • hi chris it was good fun have to wait till next year before they have another carers day but the lady gave me her number for the reflexology so in the next few weeks might give her a ring for a home visit .x

  • Why not enjoy ,😊

  • That sounds absolutely wonderful, and I am genuinely delighted that you enjoyed yourself. I love a good foot massage especially when my Lymphedema is playing up and my feet swell and feel tightened. I have never had a go at origami, sounds fun!

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • thanks ken it was good fun x

  • Certainly sounds like a great day. Love reflexalogy not so sure about origami. Son has a Japanese friend some of the things she made were delightful.

  • thanks betty we only made a flower but it was really nice now when me and the grand bairns make our christmas cards we going to make mams and nannas them x

  • Hi can i ask where is this place?

  • hi navitra it was a carers day at shotton hall i have my dad living next door he has alziehmers sorry about the spelling and i help him with his medication and see him out on a morning for the day centre so i have a carers card so they emailed me about this great day out. x

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