Being picked on by blood sucking flies

Morning all does any one else have a problem with being picked on by blood sucking fies or any blood sucking insect ever time i go out in the garden i get bitten they dont pick on any one else but me you dont feel them bitting as its the same with a mossey at least you hear a mossey but these things are called the common horse fly well at least i think they are the ones i was only just getting my last lot cleared up and now they have left me with a load of itchy bumps again does any one know any home remedies that i can appy to the bumps and also to stop me being a feast again

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  • Hello tasha 2, We have a lot of corn fly's just now in the countryside with this warm weather, they seem attracted to bright clothing, In the west coast of Scotland where we live near its the dreaded midge that eat you alive, I use a cream that they hate the taste.......Its called.... Oh so soft....and only sold by the Avon company.....Try some it certainly helps here in Scotland...

    Best wishes. xx

  • Hi there tasha2

    just made the effort to clean my windows -have had to shut them all-plagued by tiny tiny little black flies no bigger than this print.never seen them before I moved up north and they get all over the house een with windows shut!iuse an insect repellent which helps keep he bugs at bay.


    wil try and get some of that cream.

  • Taking brewers yeast is supposed to help repel the little biters as it makes you taste yucky. I get bitten by everything too, I keep meaning to try it, then forget about it. You can get it from pharmacies and health food shops x

  • My hubby just got bitten too as i am staying indoors haha so they take to him now they cant get me 2nd best opps LOL

  • I was advise to take vitamin B and Marmite to build up the level that mozzies etc, don't like the taste of. They always seem to love the taste of me each summer - it's another reason I hate this time of year.

  • Hi horse flys have loved the taste of me since I was little I am 52 now and I still get bitten and then of course they swell up to a size of a 50 p . I hate horse flys it doesn't matter what repellent I use , the nasty blighters love my blood :-( .i just take a sting pen with me now and try to wear shear layers . Good luck x

  • A friend of mine used to use oh so soft from avon, the avon girl said thats why most people bought it. I know its something to do with your blood, certain people do attract the little critters, my Eldest daughter is one of them, when she was young fleas would jump off dogs/cats and bite her,no one else.


  • I am the same as you they make a meal of me. Went to pick some beans and I could feel the little devils biting and they always seem to get you in the most peculiar of places and the itching always seems worse at night or when you sweat. I can be standing next to my husband or friend and they won;t get bitten and I am eaten alive. I think I ahve tried every insect repellant but the only thing that is repelled is me by the smell of the stuff and if you miss a bit that is where they zone in on. Yes they say it is genetic, I certainly got all the bad genes.

  • Hi tasha2

    I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? I am forever being bitten my pesky little flies! And it is horrid! I have a pack of insect bite wipes that I use afterwards.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • Yes, I'm now allergic to Mosquitos and have to have anti-biotics if I'm bitten....and whilst I used to get bitten and come up in red bumps, it's now like red golf balls! It's horrible and I'm sure mine has got worse due to a weakened immune system x

  • We were staying on a camp site next to a river and evenings would bring clouds of them. the owners of the site sprinkle lavender oil on the kids hats and as they walked though the cloud you could see the mosquitos moving away from them. Since then lavender oil has become part of the kit, even Meg gets doused when its bad. :P

  • Morning! After reading this post I needed to correct the others who mentioned "oh so soft" by Avon! Its actually a spray oil called "skin so soft" I also have blood that the little blighters love to feed on!....:'( I have used this for many years when traveling to Ghana with my Husband! And not one little bite!! It has an ingredient in it called "Denat" that they don't like!! and be sure to buy the blue coloured label one as I'm not sure the other fragrances have the same effect!!....much love...

  • I'm not too bad for getting bitten but anything that bites loves my Dad!! He attracts them like a magnet!! I try and avoid getting bitten, as I react terribly to bites (allergic to the anesthetic the insects inject into your skin before they suck your blood! eeeeeeww!). I do have to confirm though that the Avon product that 'ninjananna' has mentioned is sworn to work by many! My friend goes to Caribbean regularly and has found that she attracts 'sand flies' (no idea what they are!!).. but they cause the most horrendous bites! She uses the Avon spray every time she goes now & not one bite!! So you'll get soft skin, smell lovely and keep away the nasty bitey things.. all in one!

  • Hi other since av been diagnosed with fibro I have the same problem to ..never had a problem with insects before this ..I went on holiday 4 years ago and had to go to hospital because I was so badly bitten by mosquito s ..I felt unwel I use vitiamin B1 in the summer to help x

  • Thats interesting amanda2277, if you've been bitten a few times do you find it affects your fibro?


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