Hello everyone I tried something new yetday I had a full body massage the woman came round my flat to do it she changed me £25 for 45 mins she was really gd it's really helped and it was so relaxing I'm going to book another sision later and with work my manager has booked my workplace assignment I'm just waiting for a date matthew

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  • sounds brilliant. Anything that helps has to be good :)

  • Well done, I'm so pleased the massage worked for you. I wish I could afford to have massage on a regular basis as I know it helps 👍🏻😃😃

    Foggy x

  • Hi Matthew I got a back massage chair for a Christmas present a few years ago not the same as a hands on effect but worth the money x

  • I've been thinking about buying one of those, saw one yesterday for £199 expensive as you say but if they do you good, would you recommend buying one.

    Massage is so helpful for the muscles isn't it

  • I use mine a few times a week it helps loosen my muscles and can be relaxing. I use for around half an hour and then have the hot water bottle on my back afterwards. I have one you can put on your sofa or a computer chair there more around the 100 pound mark I think. Me and my friends went away for a few days and I took my chair wit me hahahahahahaha x

  • Glad to hear from. You I thought you had gone into mourning after we were massacred at Arsenal!!????

    Glad the massage helped anything that relaxes our muscles must be good. Unfortunately I am one of the ones that it makes things worse but my friend swears by them, she says the got stone one with aromatherapy oils is bliss. I treated her to one for one of her birthday and she fell asleep!

    Let us know how you get on at work.x

  • I'm with you there Rosewine. I loved to get deep tissues at one time.

    I have a friend who took massage classes the same time as I. She comes over for my bf, and I finally let her do one. I was sick for three days from the detox. It wasn't even deep tissue. I had a repeat, instructing her to go easier. I was still sick for a couple days.

    Some fibros really need to go slow or avoid it period. I don't know why that detox affects some and not others

  • Nor do I Claire it's weird

  • I will rosewine

  • I am now thinking I may treat myself to one. The effects can differ. However I am willing to try anything at the moment!

  • That sounds wonderful and I sincerely hope that it continues to work for you.

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