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grrr doctors have no time for me!!!

god i'm so frustrated!!! had an appointment with the doc this morning for a meds review. i also had a few new symptoms/ailments i wanted to ask her about.

i sat in the waiting room for ages, the 2 patients before me were in there for 20 mins each making her 50 mins late. when it was finally my turn she said she didn't have time for more than one thing so i had no choice but to sort the meds, cause otherwise i'd run out, and then leave!

so now i'm sat at home feeling crappy and i'll have to wait another 2wks before i can see the doc again :(

sorry if a bit ranty but it feels better to get it out, i don't have anyone at home to moan at lol

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No wonder you are so frustrated, what a cheek your GP has treating you like this. I once had a similar experinece, kept waiting for an hour and then told - sorry I have no time to deal with you. At that point I calmly replied 'well you will have to make time because I don't have the time to wait till I can get another appintment!' and I got what I needed. I wouldn't mind so much if the same thing happened if us patients are late, even by a minute or two, for our appointments. I would seriously consider a letter to the practice manager.


Hi I really think you should ask to speak to practice manager as Lruk has suggested,that is terrible the way you've be treated,you are just the same as any other patient in the surgery and the doctor shouldn't have fobbed you of like that! Phone up tomorrow and say you want to make a complaint and they'll soon get back to you. I hope you feel a bit better with getting that of your chest,let us know how you get on! Best wishes Jackie


Hi elvis777

I hope that you are feeling as well as can be? I am also so sorry to hear of your appalling treatment by your GP. I was wondering if you have another GP at your surgery that you can see who may not be so rude or eager to get rid of you?

I think if I were you however, I would make an appointment to visit this GP again and ask them directly about your previous appointment. Tell them exactly what you have written here and ask quite calmly, 'Did you want to move me out quickly because you were running so late or because you do not respect Fibromyalgia as a genuine medical condition'. I would hope that by the look on their face that you would be able ascertain whether or not their response was truthful. I would also explain, again calmly, exactly how it left you feeling.

One last thing, please feel free to post and rant at us all you want. We all understand exactly how you are feeling as we have all been through it at some point.

All my hopes and dreams for you.



this is not god however the same thing has happened to me however I go in with a list and sometimes they will go through it and others ihave been told to pick 2/3.



I am really sorry to hear about your encounter. I have had this problem before, and with retrospect wish I had complained to the practice manager. Maybe you should see a different doctor when you return in the future. I always take a list with me to the doctors, and put it on the desk so they have the opportunity to read it! Good luck x


One technique I've used successfully is to write a list of the things I need to discuss and send it in with a request for an appointment. That way there's no dispute over whether they have time and the GP can ring you if any of the subjects are easily dealt with.


Good idea to write a list but also, next time you book an appointment request a double one, that way the GP will be know you will be there for longer than their usual patient time.


hi elvis 777 sorry you have had this encounter it is very frustrating as with fibro a lot of complaints are interconnected you try and plan how to explain things & when you can't you feel cheated i think you need to speak to the practice manager about it & request another appointment.


Hugs. No wonder you are frustrated. Could you book a double appointment next time? And also write to the practise manager to tell her what happened.




Why not arrange a telephone appointment at lesst that way you don't have to drag yourself to the surgery and sit waiting for long time. You dont have to wait another two weeks either. Good luck.


Hello Elvis777,

I know how frustrating this can be, having left a surgery because a GP opening words were'What is wrong with you now Emma?' I wonder whether you may be best considering moving to a different surgery? I need to move due to 2 dismissive GP's who implied a medication that was helping prescribed by Guys Rheumatology was in fact a placebo and I had thought it would make me better so it did.

The other option would be to consider visiting the GP once again or another within your surgery, maybe with our printed factsheets about the recommended treatments for Fibro. You may be able to discuss your treatment plan with your GP as an informed patient. Here's the link to the information;

I hope this information is helpful and you find something to ease your symptoms soon.

Best Wishes

Emma :)

FibroAction Administrator


Hi Emma that's awful :(

What a horrible thing to suggest.

Many fluffie cuddles heading your way

:) xxxsianxxx ::)


thank you everyone x

it's makes me feel better to have people that understand. after calming down i booked a double appt and i've written a list to take with me. i'm gonna have to learn to be more assertive i think.

it's quite a large surgery that i go to but it's on my doorstep and as i don't drive it's ideal, especially when i'm super achey. the best docs i've seen there are always the temporary ones, sods law! i did see a poster for a 'patient group' so maybe they could help if i'm still not happy.

will check out that link too, thanks emma.

soft hugs to all xx


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