MAgnets and Me

I've always wondered why, when I have drove or have been driven from my Home in Mid Wales, To London or Birmingham or somewhere distant- that my face is always dirty- even short journeys on dusty roads means I look like a coal miner- I have wondered if its something to do with magnetism of the blood or body itself.. I think of the wrist bands that offer help with arthritis with special magnets - so thinking of this, could I have a negatively charged body, so the positive charged dust is attracted to me - and then in the same thought, could having a negative charged body account for so many ill's? attracting the wrong disease's due to magnetic imbalance??? Or something that allows an imbalance of the good and the bad thru chemical imbalance of pos and neg-..?????

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  • Found this interesting

  • Very interesting article😁

  • I thought so it makes me wonder? I can't take iron but my iron level is low. Although animals love me all kinds of animals!

  • That is a very interesting question and I have read of many theories pertaining to natural biochemical properties of the body that have a natural magnetic effect. I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck with finding the answer to this conundrum.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Did you click on the link? It was a interesting read!

  • Not yet but I will later. Wrote the blog after a large glass of whiskey. Not really fit to write properly so sorry if it's looking weird!

  • Yes thank you, it was a very interesting read!

  • Might this explain why I've always had trouble finding a watch that will work on me? MariLiz

  • You too! I can kill a watch in a few days!

  • I honestly think that the scientists still don't fully understand all the complexities of the human body so nothing would surprise me to be honest. X

  • Oh I agree with that statement!!

  • I, too, found your post and the article linked by reply, very interesting! Lights go out as I approach them--street lights, faulty fluorescents, Christmas tree lights. Very strange. But, if wearing a chain-mail coat of magnets would help Fibro symptoms I would don one on in a minute!

  • scientifically speaking, it would be possible to go under an MRI scanner and have them pelt you with negative magnetic waves-then positive waves, this just might reverse the negative cells into positive cells and we just might not be as ill as we are-

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