Hi everyone, just thought Id "introduce" myself. I left my job in June and my Fibro has been really bad since. Ive been put on ESA and have to regularly send sick notes from my GP. Must say I'm not looking forward to my health assessment whenever that will be. I hurt literally from the top to the bottom of my body, it hurts to drive, walk, sit, lie in bed and am not sleeping properly either. I'm also feeling pretty depressed at the minute and wondered if others feel like me?

Thanks. x

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  • Hi mummytrace....Oh yes you are not alone anymore. So glad you posted cos you can get lots of info from the links all about fibro and related conditions.....not only that but they are a nice bunch of people and we do have a giggle over stuff as well. I am sorry you are in so much pain....are you on meds to ease the pain and help you sleep? I know they don't take the pain away but I think they help....Have you spoken with your GP about how you feel..I think you will find some of us are on anti depressant tabs as well...After all it is a pretty depressing condition!! You call yourself that your name or a daughters? Nice name though!!! We also have a Benefits advisor who may help you sort through the complexities of benefits....Take care and I send gentle hugs xx

  • Welcome mummytrace, I hope you like it here, everyone is so friendly and as I always say open 24/7 so you need never feel alone esp if your suffering in pain and depression. ( the twilight hours sometimes feel the worst). I think we get depressed with all the aches and pains it's just not natural. Gentle hugs take care x❀️

  • Yep, join the club lol , sometimes it's easier to say where you don't hurt than where you do. 😟

    Welcome to our friendly site I'm sure you'll find lots of help and support on here as we're all more or less in the same boat, take care

  • Welcome indeed. As you've already discovered you are far from alone. Its sometimes comforting to know there's fellow feeling out there. We're all different, I'm still working and getting about, but more limited than I'd like. Hugs :)

  • No your certainly not alone, I can't work anymore and have no social life , it feels like fibro takes all normality away, and we all have days when things seem so much worse, take care x

  • HI mummytrace , Welcome!!! I'm sorry to hear your in so much pain and that you suffer from depression as well.I hope we can help you here as we do try our best.We have all been thru this so we do understznd.Take care and look forward to chatting with you on the forum.Peck🐀

  • Welcome to the gang mummytrace yes you are most definitely not alone as you can see there are loads of us on here who all go through it day in day out morning noon and night , but we are all here supporting each other , we laugh we cry we vent we ask questions , it is just so good to know we are not alone and we dont have to go through it on our own , some one always knows the answers to the questions and there is always a listening ear and a caring heart when you are in need , so once again welcome and I look forward to chatting with you

    hugs sarah xx

  • Hi mummytrace,

    I'll join in and welcome you to our forum.

    If you haven't already done so, you might like to look at our mother site, where you will find lots of evidence based information, and lots of other info, including how to contact Janet, our own Benefits Adviser, although she is on holiday just now until early Oct.

    There's pretty much someone around 24/7 on the site, so anything you need to know just ask.

    Take care.

    GP. 😊😊

  • Welcome mummy yes sounds like you got it pain all over , dpresioion, fateag attacks , back ache and head ache We are all here to help this is a friendly Foram so spill you beans we are all listening xxx

  • Hi mummytrace

    Welcome to the forum and it is wonderful to make your acquaintance. I am so genuinely sorry to read of your suffering and struggling and I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck, and please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


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