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help with pip

hi everyone, I'm so pleased I've found this group and hope I can get some help. I recently asked for my pip mobility to be looked at, as my mobility has deteriorated considerably and I was only receiving standard rate care but to my horror I've been refused everything. I asked for a mandatory reconsideration but was still unsuccessful, so I decided to appeal and arranged an appointment with the CAB I was hoping they would represent me but they have said they cant and I thought they would help me to fill out the form. I spent an 11/2 hours with them and I'm no clearer I really struggle with stuff like this partly due to medications and partly due to the fibromyalgia and depression ect ect, now I'm desperate and only have a few days to get in the forms can any one tell me where I go for help.

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Sorry just trying to understand your post fully. Are you saying that they have taken your PIP care off you as well as not granting you any mobility?

Fibromyalgia Action UK do have a helpline for benefits which you can ring on 0844 887 2450 Mon, Wed and Fri between 10-12 I don't know if they can help you.

I am presuming that you asked for a copy of the assessors report? If so you need to read through it carefully to see what areas you disagree on and concentrate on those. With mobility it is not just being able to walk a certain distance but how walking that distance affects you. Do you hae to keep on stopping because of the pain and fatigue. If you can walk that distance how does it make you feel afterwards do you have to rest for hours when you get back home riddled with pain and fatigue? Are you likely to stumble if you try to walk that far? Do you see where I am coming from.

Is there a specific part of the form that you cannot understand that we can try and help you with if you only have a few days to complete. Keep calm look at the descriptors, check that you actually filled the form out correctly at the time, did you miss anything out? Did you send any supporting evidence in from your GP if not could you get any letters from them to support your appeal.?

Good luck with it all.x


Hi thanx for replying yes they took the care component away as well. Since writing this post CAB phoned me and have rearranged an appointment for wed when we will fill out the form so fingers crossed I'll keep you updated with what happens hopefully I won't be in even more of a panic :-)


Fantastic news. I thought it was unusual for the CAB not at least to have offered to fill in the form. Good luck with it and yes I would love to be updated on your progress.x

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Did they say why they had taken it off you then that's not good but good luck with it all let us know how you get on xx


I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck with both the CAB and your appeal.

All my hopes and dreams for you


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Hi Just an update the CAB helped to fill out the form and then sent the form and the supporting evidence and sent it all off for me. They were a very big help, so all is good so far. Now just the wait, so I wondered does any one have an idea how long? I've been told it could be 6months thank you all for your best wishes xx


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