Again what support

I sometimes cant believe how you lot on here put up with me, I'm up there one min and down the next.

Yet you all support me, in my entire life I can count on less than one hand the friends I have had and now I find a whole community of friends all the way has the states.

I so love you all vitual or not, I feel so so lucky that you have all taken me in to your worlds.

Thank you, life can be easier when you all around.

I absolutely loved the rainbow rose, it was like fairy magic xx

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  • Hi Cathy, we're supportive because we are all the same.

    And the more we get to know each other the better it is. My emotions are all over the place too. I get that rollercoster feeling, and I am sure 99pc of us do. This is a great place for a whinge, a laugh or whatever

  • Thanks VonnyM, its nice to find so many that understand x

  • Hi, yes it's a lovely site, everyone here are so friendly and as you say very helpful and if no one has the answer they will direct you to someone that can. We are all in the same boat, some worse than others, but we understand what you are going through and how our lives are completely turned upside down , the highs and the lows of our lives but carry on we must. So everyone give yourselves a gentle pat on the back and gentle hugs. Best wishes.

  • Thanks Poppy, yes think I will give myself a hug tonight. X

    Hugs to you

  • I have a crochet pattern for a rainbow rose, one day ill get around to doing it.

    I glad that you are finding support and friendship on the site and friends dont mind when you have a moan.

    In fact a relative of mine is a lovely person but she could give lessons in moaning. We tend to raise our eyebrows and let her get on with it.


  • Hi Mayrose, its the supportand friendship that keeps me alive. X

    Hugs x

  • hi Cathy i can't speak for anybody else but i bet they would say the same we just love you, we all have illness but its our love for each other has friends that helps each and everyone of us to carry on take care big hugs n kisses for you from me bigalan.xx

  • Oh Bigalan thank you, and you know what I actually feel the love when someone replies, its awesome really.

    Hugs x

  • i'm glad that you feel this way because when you hear or read about someone you want to do as much as possibly to help even just a kind word will mean the world to someone. i know how i have felt from the loving support i received since i've been on this site, i have more friends on this site than anywhere else. nobody likes to see someone suffer or that there husband are treating them like dirt or it may be the other way round. but i like to think that if i can put a smile on someone face that's just having a bad day so they know that someone somewhere somebody is thinking about them and if after the end of the day i have been able to do this then its leaves me feeling better ever though the pain i'm suffering someone has just done the same to me take care cathy lovely to talk to speak to you again big hugs and a kiss just for you to say thank you. Alan xx

  • All my best friends live in my computer. I'm not sure of the reason and it's not important. We're mostly in the same boat and you should be able to post (with decency) anything you need to. And rant without feeling guilty.

    Big soft hugs.

  • Thank you for replying, and I like my friends for many reasons inside the community the reason for being genuine.

    Hugs back

  • Hi Cathy,

    So glad the Rainbow rose helped you hun, We're all here for you anytime my friend, day or night :) This is a fantastic site and many of us would be lost without it. Pls feel free to chat anytime :)

    Lots of soft warm gentle hugs,

    Elizabeth :) xxxxxxxx

  • Thanks ryanbone, I've never seen anything so pretty. That picture would surly make anyone smile, you should bottle it.

    I was really low last night, I really didn't have the right to ask people not to comment, but it was late and the night owls are so sweet, we have supper and breakfast often. I feel that Ken must be a patient person, he replies to everything no matter what the hour.

    I just would love to meet everyone. It is true you have to be able to understand and believe the people you are friends with and all most always the barrier is trust well with me it is.

    Thanks again, I'm hoping that tonight I might sleep a few hours if nothing else I should from pure lack of sleep, I wish everyone some sleep tonight.

    Hugs xx

  • Yes Cathy, I think trust is a big issue with most of us, It may be because we've lived a little and have been bitten along the way (ha ha) I have met the most amazing friends on here, that I feel so comfortable with, we just seem to click and understand each other, they get me and I get them, so HOORAY :) xxxxx

    Sweet dreams to you:) message me anytime.

    Big hugs :) xxx

  • I happy that all of you put up with me too! Cathy dear I am very pleased to hear that you have found the support you need here. This is such a wonderful site!!!

  • What a beautiful thing to say, thank you my fiend. And thank you for putting up with me! I am not the best person in the world to talk to.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • hay don't forget you are here for us to it works both ways and I think the way it does is we are all different but all the same

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