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Rain and things

We managed a dreadfully wet Monday Got very wet dogs on walk I have over trousers and waterproof coat What then? I saw re runs on TV then a little knitting!

After a snack more TV and to receive the square eyes I retreated to the kitchen Lots of heat and hay presto scones to grace my jam!!!! A rainy day next time will need to grab my creative side....internal window cleaning? Anything to divert myself from aches!

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Hi skit

That actually sounds quite enjoyable! I can just imagine the smell of freshly baked scones .... Delicious!

All my hopes and dreams for you


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I agree! Sitting around, having nothing else to focus on but the pain is too much for me! I really try to keep busy!.....little jobs......enjoyable jobs....with lots of tea breaks in-between!! ...♥♥♥


That actually sound like a blissful day time. When I had a dog some of the most enjoyable walks were in the rain as we usually had them to ourselves. Love home made scones it has been ages since I had any and banana muffins nke my tummy is rumbling.x


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