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What dog thinks it something else?


Hi animal lovers

Ever had a dog that thinks it is something else?

Say a pig or a cat?

Yep you are right I have one little dog who curls up regularly like a cat paws tucked up and always after the top of settee to slumber.

Another one not the same breed who acts like a pig.Eats ,sleeps and **** like one too!

Do I love them yes of course they bring laughter and smiles every day nay hourly assuming I am awake and they are too!

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Funny how they have their own funny ways. It always makes me laugh that a dog who is brought up with a cat adores that cat but will go beserk at any other cat. Father in laws dog adored her pussy and when the cat had kittens tended them better than the mother and would let them crawl all over her and sleep on her but she would have cheerfully ripped the next door neighbours Siamese to pieces unfortunately if she could have got hold of him!x

I have a staffi you will see et on a post input up with my daughter and she thinks she is actually a human . She tried to talk to us and gets annoyed if we don't u sweat and and if we laugh she comes and jumps at us growling ( playful growling) ... She hilarious she even would eat of a firm if we done it for her xx

Well we have a cat that thinks she is a dog! She doesn't scratch she tries to bite!

Mydexter in reply to Regnofibro1

Funny we have a dog who thinks he's a cat, He loves a saucer of milk and every morning goes though a washing ritual exactly like a cat washing his face with his paws etc weird, I think it may be he was.brought up with kittens and he's copied them😃

I have a beagle that thinks he's the Hilder Ogden of the estate he's always twitching behind the net curtain , murphys also a classic clown and full of mischief or a foot muff and shadow the lab thinks he's a lap cat ,

Good question

Chris x

aud01 in reply to Shadows-walker

Hahahaha love that .. Hilda Ogden x

Shadows-walker in reply to aud01

It got to the point I had to tie up the tule so people could see it's the dog not me LOL talk about a busy body he could give a down gossip lessons if he could translate his mother tongue to English as he literally talks he's hilarious ,glad I made you chuckle .

A beagle is not a dog to be chosen lightly ,people think oh how cute but they are a handful my son re homed him and couldn't cope and after one week my youngest was in tears with him because he cried the whole week during the day when I was in work ,there diet is specific if they sensitive murphys a vegie and it's taken two years to work that out he can't tollarate anything other than fish ,but for company and love and wickedness they are brill me on my scooter him attached to a horse lunging lead and chariots in Ben hur having nothing on us ,the shadow run free by my side a true gentleman and a scholar 😂

Hahaha - the vision I have in my head right now - love it xx

Shadows-walker in reply to aud01

I haven't worked out how to post pics but I will give it a go.

Chris. X

Isn't it strange how pets develop their personalities? I have a couple of pets and they bring me so much joy.

All my hopes and dreams for you


Does it need to be a dog thinking it's another animal?

I've had a piglet who thought she was a dog (no housetraining required). A chicken who thought she was a dog, a bird who thought he was a cat and a cat who thinks he's a dog.

I've never had a dog who thought he/she was anything but a dog :-)

This post brought to mind that when I was house training my Goldie, I was using a litter tray for my kitten, so the poor Goldie though he had to use the litter tray, which would end up in a large lake of wee! He kept missing the actual tray. Thankfully it wasn't too long before he realised he had to go out in the garden! 😄😄

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