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Being Grateful

Let's have a time of being positive shall we?

Start by having a piece of paper write down all things/people you are grateful for.

Then out loud read them to yourself!

Daft? No it has been proven doing above actually is psychologically helpful.


Here is a few to get you thinking

My hubby

My sons

My daughter

Baby grandson



Etc etc.

Good luck

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I always think it is a good idea when we are down to do that exercise as it is easy to sit down and think the world and its dog is out to get us when even though we are I'll we have so much to be grateful for.

I will do a few:-



Food on the table





Ability to walk

Books to read

Music to listen to

Happier already.x

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My wife,

My children,

My grandchildren,

My brother and sister,

My son and daughter in law(s),

My pets,

My home,

My garden,

Plenty to eat,

plenty to enjoy.

And some extras ....

My good looks,

My fluorescent personality,

My charm, wit and sophistication,

And more good things about me?

Thanks for sharing this idea I really love it.

All my hopes and dreams for you



This is great skit! Thanks for the idea & guys for sharing such great ones!

How about another exercise in counting the "blessings" we receive?!? I heard that we might use 1) a journal, or 2) a "gratitude jar" and write down one blessing per day for which we're thankful.

I'm going to try this for the last part of the year!

Oh, and my list ... ?

My loving, forgiving God

My handsome, thoughtful & sentimental Husband

My wonderful Daughters and


My adorable, smart Grandkids

My Home

My warm supportive Friends

My Church Family

My Comfortable Life ... filled w/love!

and many more!

and like Ken, I'll talk about me!

My "intelligence & talent" teehee!


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