Helpful hints?

Calling all fellow Fibromites.

We all have pain in various places, or all at the same time, take your pick. Either way I would love to hear anything you use or do to help you. Probably not explaining well so I will give my example.

My hands hurt, a lot. I use a plastic measuring jug to fill the kettle. Just put in what I need. That way it's not heavy to lift and coffee once again becomes enjoyable.

Instead of pouring the potatoes when boiled I put a wire mesh basket (like a chip basket) in the pot at the beginning and lift the tatties out. The pot is then lighter when I pour out the water.

Would love to hear what others do πŸ˜ƒ

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  • Love the tip about the spuds - that is genius - need to find myself some wire baskets xx

    As for the kettle - are you aware that there is a one cup machine so you don't have to lift a boiling kettle.

    You fill it up with a plastic jug like you do now - stick your cup under with coffee, milk, teabag or whatever and press the button - out comes just enough boiling water for a perfect cuppa xx

    Just google 'on cup kettle'

    I do my ironing sitting down - lower the board to couch level - saves my legs and my back

    I also wear velcro fastening shoes so I don't have to bend and fiddle as much xx

    Tie my hair up in a side pony as I can't reach my arm up to my head - who knows it could become a new fashion trend hahaha xx

  • Ooh. No. I didn't. Must do some market research on that (translate as searching the net lol).

    Nice one. You can get the baskets on a popular website that sounds like it could be a holiday spot. Don't want to name names......

  • Hahaha think I get it - one cup kettles from same place πŸ˜ƒ xx

  • Those are 2 really good ideas... !!! Yes.... I think that everyone should write whatever 'accommodations' that we use..... so all of us can get some ideas to lessen our pain by modifying how we do things..... as well as suggestions for how to get some good/restorative sleep!!!! How 'bout it?? Up to the task??? :)

  • I use a u shaped pillow, otherwise known as a pregnancy pillow. Make sure it doesn't have the cut out for the bump though as some do. It cuddles and supports you. It takes a few nights to get used to the bend at the neck but is worth it. 😺

  • Hahaha I use an extra pillow tucked under my left arm - looks like I have a real affliction for pillows but like you said it supports my arm and neck so I can at least get some sleep xx

  • I use a perching stool in the kitchen. It folds up and lives at the side of the fridge. Great for food prep as well as ironing.

    An ereader is a lot lighter than a book. It's easier to use. The one I have can be read in the sun (not a big problem in Scotland) in the dark, and it holds many many books. Wouldn't be without it now.

    Need more input. Come on everybody, do what you're all good at and share. Please 😺

  • hey just looked up the 'perching stool' - are the legs easy to adjust - seen people sitting at an angle on the pictures - may be very useful if easy to adjust ;-) x

  • Yes. Very easy to adjust. I couldn't do without mine now. I have one with a grey padded seat covering on the seat and the back.

    OH uses it when he's watching football on the kitchen telly. He's nearly a foot taller than me and the seat adjusts to suit us both.

    Hope that helps 😺

  • In Australasia they are allowed wheels on there perch stools, pity we cannot :-(

    I have pillows either side of me to put my knee on as I'm a side sleeper.

    Got my thinking cap on :-)

  • The perching stool is the best thing I have bought . Also a stool /kneeling pad is so helpful for the garden .

    Try to get plug handles if you can . They make it so easy to pull plugs out of sockets . I got them as a present so sorry I can't give you the company that sells them ! Xxx

  • what an awesome present - somebody is very thoughtful and caring xx

  • I can't believe I've seen them before and not made to connection. That's Fibro for you ha ha. So that's plug covers on my shopping list. Brilliant idea 😺

  • had some taps put in that have long levers far easier to open close and other users cannot over tighten them . a good quality tin opener is always a blessing when you cant use a manual butterfly one. and you can get electric potato peelers although its a pain cleaning them after use.

  • electric tin openers are good too xx

    You can also buy easy peelers cheap - don't require any pressure at all - spike your veg onto one of those microwave potato things if you are struggling to hold it - works a treat xx

  • I have a battery operated tin opener that I just place on top of the tin and press a big button to start and stop. It's great, but useless for small tins, in diameter, eg tomato paste. It does leave the tin slightly unstable as it removes to top including the rim. Worth it though.

  • I now have a voice reader on my laptop which really helps when I can't concentrate - just listen to the words several times when I can't focus.

    Also have a little dictophone thing that you can talk to then plug into the laptop and it types up what you have said - genius! Made by Olympus (the camera people) - really helpful toy xx

  • Like the idea of the 'dictaphone thingy' but can't find one. More details please for the one compatible with laptop :-)

  • It's called Olympus Sonority or something 😊

  • Olympus DM-670 digital voice recorder. That is what is on the box xx

  • Grateful for the info, thanks :-)

  • Hope you manage to get one. About Β£120 but you may be able to get some support for it if you are on disability. Well worth it xx

  • Β£100 on Amazon right now. Any ideas about help? Yes, I'm on DLA higher.

  • If you have an allocated physio or OT they may be able to arrange. If not, get in touch with DLA re advice on help to enable your independent living xx

  • Hi sorebones

    I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? What a wonderful post, thank you for sharing these fantastic ideas. I am afraid to say that I live in the lap of luxury as I live in a purpose built bungalow with just about everything that I need to help me get by?

    All my taps are simple flip action for ease, I have an electric adjustable bed, I have a raised three piece sweet. All my doors are widened for wheelchair access for my wife, Julie, and we have a walk-in / wheel-in wet room.

    The kitchen units are the height that I need them, the toilet has a raised frame, my aquarium is at eye level. I even have a cleaner. So I feel a little guilty about my circumstances.

    I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck, and thanks again for your wonderful post.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Don't you dare feel guilty Ken. You wouldn't have all those adaptations if you were not in need of it 😺

  • Thank you that is greatly appreciated x

  • Brilliant idea about the pots. I have an electric mop as I can't wring a mop. A one cup kettle which is brilliant. I also have an electric carver for the joint (not the knife type). I have an e-reader which I down load magazines free of charge from my local library to read later. I have an air fryer that does the roast pots and chips. Just peel and put in - bulky on work surface is only problem. I have a steam iron but it separates so only have to lift the top part so not as heavy. I also sit to do the ironing and place a chair so that i just put the ironed things on the chair. I also iron by person whose clothes they are so saves me soring after. I lso have a little hand dictation machine so can leave myself messages when cant write.

    Diary. All my contacts are on the computer on an spread sheet took a bit to work out how many lines would fit a small diary but was worth it. I just update each year buy the same size diary and stick in the back saves me hours of writing and checking. Also birthdays are also on a sheet at the begining. I have to keep all my daughters contacts as well have about 10 pages altogether.

  • Remembered another thing that helps me. Battery operated pepper mill!

    Thanks for all the great suggestions so far.

    Note to administrators : exactly how rigid are the rules with naming brands? It is very difficult for foggy brains to come up with adequate descriptions without naming certain things. Could you look into this for us please? See if there is a way round this? If your own fog lifts long enough that is lol x

  • I have a bath cushion this lowers me into the bath and lifts me again. At the touch of a button. You can stay seated dry yourself then stand up and it's just your bottom that still needs drying. I have a shower chair. I sit inside the bath to clean it. Buy ready peeled potatoes. Take rests in between when doing housework. Tackle one room at a time. Warp yourself in Teri touling house coat after bathing OR showering. NO need to use energy rubbing yourself dry πŸΉπŸ˜†πŸ˜˜

  • Hi There,

    I have adjustable bed that help me to feel better suporting my neck and head..., I put pillow under my tight when sleeping (gp said it hep) after shower i always put magnesium oil a over my body the next morning I can feel great..I walk each morning eventhough its only 5 minutes that help to relax the muscle... breathing exercise also help my muscle tissue...

  • I use a bath board for showring, and epsom salts in bath for easing muscle pain. Have never heard of magnesium oil, must look this up. Use small water bottle between tap and kettle, small dishes and eat little and often to save strain on wrist. Changed orthopaedic mattress to memory foam less painful on body. Automatic car, no more gear changing and less use of legs. Stretchy clothing, velcro trainers, shoe horn. Electric can opener and nut cracker works better for opening bottles than any bottle opener i tried. Plastic cups for days like today when cant be trusted not to throw/drop china !! Diary to write down EVERYTHING, stick to pick up things i drop and stand for my tablet to save wrists. Also use frankincense or sandalwood oil on soles of feet to aid sleep.

  • Epsom salts in the bath must be easier than rubbing in oil :-)

  • Great hints shazzzy. Cheers for your input.

    Does you sandalwood or frankincense help you sleep? Is it because your feet are hot, would love to hear more about it. Also do you use a carrier oil?

  • Hi sorebones, yes both oils help me to sleep, even better than lavender oil. I dont use a carrier oil when i put it on my feet, i put some body moisturiser on my feet just to give a little massage, or i use neat, just a drop or two rubbed into sole of foot. i use my feet as i love reflexology and that always helps my body all over. Works for me. If i give feet a proper massage during day i will use whatever oil i have, at the moment iam using coconut oil, it makes a fantastic moisturiser and my skin feels great. Hope this helps

  • Thanks Shaz.

  • You can get magnesium oil from Holland and Barrett, they do differentl ones, for muscles joints and one to help sleep, I rub it on my neck/shoulders to hell sleep. I also use Epsom salts when I bath.

    I've also got a long stick thing to pick things up, it was my Mum's actually, little did I think I'd be using it now 😟 but it's so useful

  • Does anyone else use a Rollator? I have a 4 wheel one which I use outside and indoors

    I worked in fashion for 35 years and still love it, so I customize my walker to suit me. I buy ordinary handbags that fit the hooks for the bag on my walker, looks so much smarter than the usual horrid bags the walkers come with. I use ribbons scarves or anything bright that can be attached( when hands behaving and I can attach)it just brightens the walker up and makes it feel and look less surgical and it's an easy way to carry your bags.

    I will say though that as a user of the walkers ! If you need to use one go for the 4 wheeled one as its so much more stable

    I have a little tray to fit on top of the seat and I can carry meals or coffee from kitchen to sitting room.

    Sleep I a real problem for me guys, I just don't seem to sink into a deep restorative sleep! Any ideas for falling into a deep sleep?


  • Oh you are so lucky. I wish my bedroom was big enough to fit an adjustable bed. I would love one. I have thought about an extension to give me more bedroom space and the other very important thing - to me anyway- a downstairs loo. A girl can dream lol. One of these days..........

    Ps - any psychics amongst us know this Fridays Eurolottery numbers? πŸ˜›

  • Someone (Foggy maybe) knocked their glass of water over their ipad. The sports water bottles are a must at bedtime.

  • I have water beside the bed to take meds before I can get up. I had to change to a sports bottle not just because I knocked the plastic tumbler over a few times, but because my cat thought it was for her and ended up lapping the water 😁

  • :-D my cat tries to get into the bottle, I keep it wedged by my pillow and drink 500ml before I get up ....... takes meds too of course :-(

  • i love my sports bottle, otherwise I have more juice on floor than I can get in my mouth! Lol

    My husband bought me one of those thermal coffee cups which is good too as its got lid.


  • Yep, always have a bottle of water with me, in car, next to bed,in living room, bulk buy at costco

  • Wow some amazing ideas here. Gotta try some. Having a bad do at the moment. Doc has just signed me off for 2 weeks. Got a large lump at the base of my back on right hand side and my right leg and butt are in agony. Doc thinks its arthritis - blumin pain and burning is horrendous. Got cocodamol to top up anti inflammatory and opiates. Hope I get some relief soon 😊 xx

  • Your bum and leg pain could be sciatica. Know what that feels like only too well. It burns..... Then adds more on top. Wonder if you have a ganglion on your spine. It's a bundle of nerve endings in case you wondered. I have a very wee one on my left wrist. Small but mighty. However, don't take my word for it, I'm no medical expert.

    Hope your extra meds give you some relief. Heat may help, it does mine, Arthur that is (what I call my arthritis). The other thing I'm always told by my GP when in flare is to rest my leg. Stick a pillow under your thighs 😺

  • Thanks for info sorebones. Never heard of that ganglion. Arthur indeed haha πŸ˜† xx

  • Hi

    I know what it's like trying to prepare a meal!!!! I don't boil potatoes anymore! I micro them... Just put in micro dish with little water, cover with lid or cling film, micro for 5 mins for small potatoes, little longer if larger, works for me

    Other thing I've done is buy slow cooker, so much easier as you just pop it all in and let it cook. You can even put your potatoes in with meat if you want.

    That way you have one dish to clean, cuts down on pans, and work!

    If your hands are ad have you asked physio for wrist splints, they really help for even making your cuppa, kettle not such a weight to take.

    I have to say guys I use everything that eases pains, I have lupus fibro, arthritis , raynalds and other yet too be diagnosed disorders... I use soft collar for neck, filled with little beads you can sleep in, thumb and wrist supports and anything else that is suggested,

    Any other aids out there anyone can suggest? I'll give anything a go

    hope you all have as pain free a weekend as poss.


  • Brilliant suggestion Guccigirl (classy name lol). I am open to all suggestions there too. I was told not to wear my wrist splints during the day as the muscles will deteriorate. Only wear them at night. Personally I think that decision was made by someone who has never been in real pain before. The whole point of the splints in my world is to support my aching wrist and hands 😺

  • My friend recently told me how to add notes on my mobile phone and this is invaluable in helping my forgetful foggy brain. Plus I have an "exit checklist" on the inside of my front door after I came home once and found a window open and the back door unlocked. Oops! I also food shop online so I can make sure I order what I actually need and not get distracted by special offers.

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