Should we believe what Drs say?

Should we believe what Drs say?

I had to head this post with the title about GPS. I have had such a bad time and been to the Drs many items for pain relief and he has given me tramadol and said maybe I am I convincing myself I need more pain relief rather than trying to help myself I i was gob smacked?

These little darling has kept me going with lots of cuddles

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  • I bet your GP didn't tell you that Tramadol only works well if you take paracetamol with it. Capsules work best. One capsule per Tramadol.

    I was told that by my pain specialist. I tend to believe him. Really does make a difference.

    I was also told that in order for control do the pain the Meds need to be taken continuously at regular intervals for the effect to work. I take mine at 6 and 12. This method controls my pain generally. I know if I miss one, I get a painful reminder. It doesn't really help with a flare up though. I'm still getting to grips with how to cope with that.

    That is what I do, but you should really have a chat to a Dr or other health professional to make sure that it's safe for you.

    Hope you get some relief soon 💊

  • Hi there I've changed my gp 3 times now. The attitude we can recieve can be hell I wish these doctors could feel what we go through 24/7 Would they believe us then. If I go in one to one I come out sobbing uncontrollably feel worthless like I'm not worth anything so for now on my mum comes in with me as he won't be awful in front of her. Only when myself what have we to do to be listened I was told I was wasting time and to get a grip nothing wrong with you. I've been under pain clinic diagnosed 6 yrs ago and still treated like scum he even said was nothing wrong with my feet that it's all in my head later 2 yrs to find out my xray did show up something . osteoarthritis in my toes but he never said instead I got told off for recieving xray doctors by me are nasty don't care how much you suffer I can no longer get around myself I'm just so lucky my mum is on my side x


  • Sorebones what a wonderful name has given good advice about the tablets. I wish these docs had to ensure the pain. Has tramadol been your only painkiller? I know from research that they don't sem to think the more heavy duty painkiller like morphine help fibro certainly did not help me but what about things like pregablin or an antidepressant? I wish they would not be so dismissive of our suffering. I made it quite clear to my doc that I was not loking for more drugs and was open to other things like physio and needle acupuncture and his attitude seemed to change especially when I came off morphine myself. Perhaps try that approach and see what comes of it as alternative treatments can sometimes help. Please let us know how you get on. Soft hugs.x

  • Thank you for your reply. I haven't been offered anything else other than painkillers. I went to see a professor at Oxford John radcliffeehe said I need GET (gentle physio therapy) but it is only done at Oxford and I have to an assessment first? Off course there is a waiting list for 4 months that was two month ago so hoping that comes soon. The journey from our home is 52 miles and 2 hours, and off course the cost of fuel is hard.

    I hope your feeling well today

  • That is the trouble with some therapies they are so far away that by the time you have travelled back and forth you feel that you have negated the benefits. I am into gentle anything as I do find with the fibro I am so sore on my skin and muscles some days that anything other than gentle would be a no no. I had a supposed free gentle massage and could hardly move for days! Physio of the right kind can be good and it sounds to me as though they are experts so if you can stand the travelling and pay the costs certainly worth giving it a try. Let me know how you get on.x

  • Centralised physio care.....I wonder who thought that was a good idea! I wonder if it is worth your while to raise the issue of how the 2 hour journey home after treatment is likely to affect the outcome of any physio treatment you have ie it could possibly undo any of its positive effects by sitting in a car for 2 hours after it?

    If you can I would investigate local options ... put the money it would cost to travel to Oxford (including parking, drinks etc) towards local treatment?

  • Cuties I can understand how they keep you going! My advice would be get a different doctor!!!! Some doctors really have no clue!!!

  • Poor you. One Doctor told me once that some fibro sufferers take up skateboarding so they can feel real pain! I could have kicked him. As already advised, find a Dr that will take you seriously and actually understands Fibro. I am really fortunate having a Dr that understands. Trying different combinations of drugs could work. I take Amitrypteline at night and Ibuprofen and Paracetamol at regular intervals during the day. I know about it if I forget. It doesn't take away the pain, but definitely dulls it a bit. Just like Sorebones said, it doesn't help in a flare up, but 'normally', it helps a bit. If I am not on them regularly, I feel like I have flu. My Dr wasn't that keen for me to be on Tramadol.

    I hope that you are taken seriously and that you can get some relief soon. xx

  • Hi Waterbottle

    I am so genuinely sorry to read this and I would advise you to look around for another GP at your surgery who is a little more Fibro friendly. If you cannot find one there I would change to another surgery. Comments such as these will only add to your woes and to your pain levels, I am sure of it.

    I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck, and add that I think your little doggies are so cute.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Hi Ken

    I have been to a new surgery and spoke to the manager and told her how I have been treated and do they have any Drs that are kind and considerate she said to come to her when I want to change and she will talk ,e through everything which I will be doing that next week. I just worry it won't work

    But my confidence has been knocked and made me more scared to change but the time has come now to do this I can't cope with being made to feel like a waste of time.

  • The shame is on them Waterbottle. have every right to have compassionate care.....good luck with the new Surgery and GPS. .....start as you mean to go on.

  • That is wonderful news, and please do not let their actions damage your confidence as you have done nothing wrong. It was their actions that were awful.

    Good luck


  • Oh hun, that's just awful, obviously your GP is a ?? what ever you want to call them. Pls get another GP if possible. This person has a duty of care towards you, not to make you feel rubbish.

    Soft and gentle hugs to you :) xx

  • Sorry to butt in again, but I can't understand how a doctor, who has sworn an oath to "first do no harm" can tell a patient who has a life as miserable as that of a Fibromite that the go skate boarding to feel real pain. My gast has been well and truly flabbered.

    There are complaint procedures and I suggest you use them. I am unsure if you are in the UK, but if you are I would copy a written complaint to you local health authority. Find out who is top dog there and make sure that it's him who receives the copy.

    Boy am I glad my fog is at bay this morning ha ha.

    I think, as I can't speak for everyone and only myself, that in general we all have the stuffing metaphorically kicked out of us by both this hellish condition and the medical fraternity. How dare they?

    Rant over, for now. I thought I would add that I am also on amitriptyline, 80mg at night. I'm working my way up to 100mg. It does actually give me a good nights sleep. The pain doesn't wake me up every couple of minutes, but does all the same if it's bad enough, as in a flare up. I also have a Fentinyl 50microgramme patch. It lasts 3 days and puts a dose through my skin once every hour.

    I have noticed that everyone has different meds and doses and you won't be the same as anyone else. Sadly it's trial and error, and an understanding doctor who will try their best to help you find some relief. I always have pain, but the meds help lessen it.

    Hope you are all having a decent day 😉

  • I haven't been offered the ones your taking at night but maybe that's for the further does it help you sleep at all ?

  • The amitrtyline? Like a baby. It is originally an antidepressant but the powers that be have discovered it helps nerve pain too. So I think it's about right for me. It takes a few weeks for the body to get used to it so it needs to be taken at 5 or 6pm otherwise you can't wake up in the morning. I have been so tired because of the Fibro, the chronic fatigue part. I do have more energy now I'm on the higher dose. I put it down to a decent sleep.

    As with all meds we are prescribed it's trial and error. I'm sure everyone will agree that what helps one Fibromites doesn't help another. But you don't know till you try. When you get a doctor who listens to you ask about the options.

    Have you been referred to a rheumatologist? I know that even some of them are dubious about Fibro, unless asked straight out. Or at least in my experience. I had to ask my GP. She them referred me and I went to see a rheumy who has an interest in Fibro, paying privately. Was worth every penny.

    Hope some of that helps 😬

  • Here is the NHS guidance on dealing with chronic pain. A referral to a pain clinic would ensure expert help.



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