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silly time to be up

Oh well its silly o'clock and I am up , its silly o'clock and I am up, watching silly tv its silly o'clock and the world sleeps . the world sleeps and I am up .

my eyes water and wish to sleep my eyes are full of sand and wish to close to sleep . my body sits wishing to sleep to rest to dream , to dream of times gone by when I walked ,when I danced when I worked . shit I am getting far to deep shows what fibro has done to me it has made me in to someone who stands on the edge of life the edge of being. its time I crashed life and I am going to tomorrow promise tomorrow I will walk tomorrow, I will dance tomorrow I will sing tomorrow but tomorrow never comes . tomorrow will pass me by tomorrow will leave me sitting saying , I will try tomorrow my eyes will scream sleep my life is run on tomorows but tomorrow never comes . BUT I will make tomorrow come I will get tomorrow a grab it and hold it tiet I will sing , I will love and I will hold on to every tomorrow and the next and the next I will shout out lowed fibro I have today and you can't take that away today is me tomorrow is you and you can have tomorrow and I will have today

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That is such a sweet and endearing poem and I can only say that I am so genuinely sorry that you cannot sleep again. I sincerely hope that you manage to eventually float away in to the land of lullaby.

All my hopes and dreams for you


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Join us wide awakers @ the supper club x

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That is poetry in motion my foggy friend :-$

Please do join the ground hog day reunion for supper

Hugs xx

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Sorry to hear about your sleeping problems. Up until Sunday Just gone, I would go to bed at 11. Feeling exhausted, then just lie there staring at the ceiling until about 5 am when I'd finally nod off. I'd get up not feeling like I'd slept at all. Then at 2 pm I'd crash!!! A two hour catnap which made you feel worse when you woke up than before you went to sleep. I used to do the same as you. Downstairs telly on and watch until my eyes started shutting. Then I'd very often just stay downstairs and sleep on the settee. If I went back to bed I'd have woken up again!!!

I used to put the telly in smart mode and watch music videos on YouTube

I was in mid flare last sunday, and went to bed at 10:45. And took a nytol instead of the zolpiderm the doc prescribes for me apparently you build up a tolerance and they will only work every night for about 2 weeks. Any way I laid down and slept like a baby until 5 am. Which is ideal coz I can take my morning dose of hydrocortisone then. Then I went straight back to sleep and woke at about 9:30. pain!! The flare had gone without me taking any extra medication

Now 4 days on my aches and pains have disappeared. Makes me wonder if my own shrivelled up adrenals have started to work again.

I've got a cortisol curve test tomorrow

9:00 blood test before taking morning dose. Then take morning dose. Then 10 am another blood test. Then at 3pm another. So if there's cortisol showing in the 9 o'clock test then there's only one place it could have come from. And that's me!!

So I'm hoping. But a flare which normally lasts 2 weeks, stopping after 2 days. That just doesn't happen!!!

Hope you get your sleeping problems sorted coz after a while it really gets you down. I had been having sleep problems for about 5 years until this so I know what you're going through. My inflammatory illness has not been diagnosed yet but CFS is favourite among the nurses.

All the best


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Ps my dose of HC is now at 20mg

So 5mg to go and I'll be at normal levels for the average person. I start on azathioprine in just over 2 weeks. Unfortunately it takes about 3 months to become fully effective. But if I get any pain before that, I'll have to go on a small dose of morphine. About 20mgMR tablets.


Wow! You certainly hit the nail on the head with that!!!

I think we should definitely have a "Silly O'Clock" group, for the ones of us who have trouble sleeping... :'( :'( :'( I'm hoping that you are having a "you day" and not the fibro one!...much love... Ninja...♥♥♥


Yes - I'll join the silly o'clock club. Have you tried magnesium oil spray?



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