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Good day

I've noticed that I tend to post to fora like this when I'm having a rotten time.Being a moaner is not me at all. I'm funny, caring and generous. And rarely mention fibro or any of the stuff which can slow me down on social media, as I think its a duty to use a platform like that to be either useful or entertaining.

So, here goes. I've had a really good couple of days. Not pain or fatigue free, but manageable. I caught up with some old friends, visited the Hearing Dogs for Deaf People training centre, achieved a fair amount at work, fitted my care work around that. I even managed to get some new clothes as I had been n "trouser poverty" for some time.. I managed a huge family shop all alone.

Now I'm lying on the bed, exhausted, while Albert enjoys a juicy bone next to me. There is a beer in the fridge.

OK, the house is filthy and, apart from my new trousers I have no clean clothes. And I'm going to spend all weekend cleaning, but RIGHT NOW is not so bad.

So when my flare kicks in some time next week I have this post to look back on. I forget about days like this when Ian, which is the name I give my Fibro, visits. Now I won't.

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Hi there, really enjoyed your post. Definately relate to lying exhausted in dirty house with shopping, its eithrr that or lying in clean house with no food! Anyway wanted to say i use the saying "this too shall pass" as my mantra, good or bad it will always end, so helps to appreciate feeling good when it happens and when its really awful you know it will stop at some point.


Hi lovelydai

Thank you for sharing that with us all. It was a real joy to read that you are feeling good at the moment. I really understand the lows so I am truly delighted for you that you hit a high! Please do not overdo the cleaning though as you don't want to spoil a good spell my friend.

Can't wait to read your next post.

Take care



Lovelydai .. What a lovely positive post . I try to stay postive all the time looking at the at the good and only looking at the bad when I reall have to.

I had a great day yesterday visited by daughter and did bit shopping in the afternoon , in the evening see my son and his family ....... Today the most I will be able to do is listen to some relaxing music ... That will be good to .

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Lovely you're feeling positive and thought to share with us here. Please don't beat yourself up about posting when you're feeling down, it's what we're here for. I think fibro makes us all more compassionate - see every cloud and all that - but we all have rotten periods and just putting digit to keyboard/screen and pouring it out somehow makes it easier to bear and the loving responses lift the spirit. Go softly with the cleaning x


Hi David ( I hope I got his right - your handle seemed familiar from an earlier post?)

Sounds brilliant, and wonderful of you to post such uplifting news - it is easy to forget the good days - and you have reminded us there will be something to look forward to!



And at least downstairs is clean!


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