Fizzing mad

Linda Mchugh14 August 18:24

Hi guys I just need to let of some steam. I had bloods done on Tuesday had my b12 folic acid fbc thyroid level also m glucose level Checked. I thought today would give them a call to here the usual rubbish everything fine but was told thyroid out of sync again which I have said to them for months was told Dr needs to speak to me about b12 fbc and folic acid and would like to see me in next two weeks x x x I said ok when can I see him oh we have no appointments available just need to call every day agh agh x x in the past my white blood count has been elevated enlarged cells but they have never followed up so I think it might be that again x x so feed up and also had no sleep last night and pain through roof x x

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  • Sounds like one of my doctors. Just come in and we will try to squeeze you in between patients. Duh I am a patient!!! 6 hours later get to back an hour later doctor comes in. So sore from sitting there. First question. How are you today? ***************+++***oh yeah that's just great!

  • They are absolutely priceless I bet they all go private. Why do we have to jump through so many hoops just to get an appt. It is amazing that at our doctors you often had to wait 2 weeks plus to see a "named" doctor as the receptionist always said there were no appointments.

    Well we now have Patients Access where you can set up your own "account" and do repeat prescriptions, booking of appoitments etc over the internet. You can see clearly what you can order on repeat prescription and when you last ordered it always a help with foggy fibro brains. You can also pick your doctor and see all his free appointments and book it and they even send you a text acknowledgement an a reminder text the day before. Strangely since then I have never had to wait more than 3 days and it is much easier to decide when you want to go when you can clearly see on the page the appointments. You can also print out a page giving you all the details of the appointment which stops any arguments when they say you should have been here yesterday or at another time like I have had before.

    The thing I like about it is that you can do the booking and reordering in the middle of the night if you want to which might suit the members of the Nightly Insomniacs Clubx

  • This is only in England

  • Sorry I didn't know you wren't in England.x

  • We've had online appointments etc at our surgery for a while and it's great, so much easier than ringing in every morning from 8 and then being told all the appointments had gone. Grrr, like yours we can pick the Dr we want and choose a time from those available, we also get an e mail sent to us confirming the appointment, great idea 😃

  • It's ok when it works. Our surgery has changed the supplier 3 times now and we had to re register each time :O

    And when they decided to change an appointment they didn't tell me until I arrived, having taken time off work. GRR.

  • No problems so far 😃

  • Oh that must have been very agronoying as Mom used to put it, Dreading when I have to change doctors it took 18 months to train this one!x

  • How about "No, you need to get me in and let me know when that is !

  • I am so genuinely sorry to read this and I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Hi Lind,

    Does your hospital have not got the emergency practice where you can call and make an urgent appointment? Health Care Professionals have a duty to care for their patients, if you are really in desperate need you should just go to surgery and let them know how painful you might have to wait for sometime ...but surely they have the obligation to treat the patient when needed?

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