Will everyone I have been busy this last past few weeks. I have been going to the office were my Jorge works at to help him out. He is the new General manager were he works at. He is a independent Dish TV contractor. He even goes out in the fields as a tech on the weekends. Monday through Thursday he is in the office. When I go with him that keeps my mind of the Fibromyalgia. Today is one week since I had a Epidural shots done on my low part of my back from the bulging discs. By keeping my mind busy I don't think about the fibro. But I do get my up and down but I just go on little at a time. I go day by day never make any plans for anything unless if it is a doctor appointment. I am hoping that the shot works out with out surgery.


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  • I hope you get some relief from the injection, and I think its great that you can work with your Husband occasionally, take care. xx

  • Howdy are you from Tejas? I am ! I hope shot works out for you!

  • I am from New York state. I was born in IL. Howdy is part of me. I hope it does to. I all ready had PT. That help for few days than my low back got to hurt again. I asked my pain management doctor about the shot. Once he told me if the PT does not work or the shot then the next step is the surgery. Since I have two bulging dices. That is what causing my low back pain.

  • Happy to hear your from states. Sorry to hear about your back pain! Hopefully pt works for you or shots. Hugs

  • I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


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