well iv had aletter saying i will be assessed at home as centre they do it in isnt for wheelchair users??its for the incapacity changes.Iv been reading coping with fibromyagia by Beth Ediger&going to read Fibromyalgia fighting back by Bev spencer,my sister gave them to me.the first one im sitting there reading it saying yes,yes yes!i now understand whats been going on with me!had a bad day yesterday,spent long time in hubby said if im on the bed for assement would be better&sister said no on sofa!stressing me out now!one room the dogs have to be put in,iv had them since before i was disabled&they are old.well now going to read some blogs...

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  • Your husband is right about staying on the bed - the worse you look the better if that makes sense! If they ask you to move, move as if you would on your worst day, and if they ask questions, make sure that you talk as if your worst day is every day. They will ask questions like 'can you put a hat on' and other questions about your mental health... if you want me to post a link to the handbook they use, let me know and I will.

    Hope you have a better day today! hugs xx

  • thxsmiss kittycat,yeah link would be interesting!im disabled with spine&drop foot also as well as fb&athritis,been like it 10 yrs!only recent with fb though.thxs the link would be helpfull xx

  • Don't stress over the assessment just take the day as it comes, if you are able to get up out of bed then do, if not then they will have to see you there, depending on what type of person you have depends on what they will ask, be as honest as you can and give them the FULL story, tell them you cant walk without severe pain and discomfort, you need help getting in and out of bed/chair, etc etc...

    This assessment is to determine whether you are fit to go back to work, tell them there is nothing you would like more than to be able to hold down a job and if they can find an employer who will take you on allowing you to stand and stretch, sit and rest, have a nap, have someone on hand to help you do these things when needed and an employer who will not mind that you cant go in today cos you cant get out of bed, an employer who doesn't get stressed when you make mistakes cos you have fibro fog, or that you cry and cry for no reason, I could go on & on but I am sure you get the gist, if they can find an Employer who will put up with that we could all go back to work. (((((gentle hugs))))) Kim x

  • thxs kim,i know wot you mean,i also have had spine op left me with foot drop&might need another op as well as fb&athritis!had a good job walked in hospital wheeled out disabled!constant pain,on lots of meds!bed rest everyday,in wh.chair when out&bout cos cant walk only few steps!its just not fare i didnt ask to be this way,im lucky my hubby supports me in many ways!thxs hug x

  • im still waiting for my appeal to come through it has been 16 months now. every time i applied they were writing back and telling me i could do all the stuff i told them i could not do. they sent a doctor to assess me and she felt my joints and told them i was fine. they dont even know what to look for cuz its your muscles that get affected not your joints, and your nerve endings so pls remember that. and act as bad as you can cuz otherwise they wont help you. you have to remember on your bad days weeks or months you are incapable of anything but they will never see that, so make sure you show them how you are on your bad days, thats what they need to know

  • be on your worst behaviour

  • hi well i would do what ever was more comfortable and natural for you to do and the thing is you dont know how you will be on the day itself you may find you need to sit in chair or you are stuck upstairs , i am having DLA forms filled in in may at my local DIAL centre i am going there with my parents they dont live with me but i asked them to come i am going to tell the absolute truth on how i would feel on my worst day if it is not my worst day when i go , hope you get on ok and jus be yourself you have fibro and you have done nothing wrong all you need is the help thatyou are entitled to love to you diddle x

  • hi diddle,they always say fill in your forms as if you havnt taken any meds so you would feel like crap!i get dla&incapicity but having to be assesed as changing it.been on it for 10yrs due to spine op,but now with fb too.hubby is my carer as couldnt cope anymore kept falling over,forgetting things on cooker(dangerous)&bigtime pains!live in a bungelow with wetroom&grab rails,use sticks indoors&wheelchair outside&have to wear legbrace as footdrop,its nitemare in summer cos cant wear flipflops or nice shoes,it goes upto my knee.i hope you get the benifits you deserve,i know its hard if just have fb,as they still dont recognise it on its own,shocking this is!if they felt the pain we all feel,drives me mad at times,let me know how it goes glad you have parents support hugs xx

  • Hi Lollypop, yes fibro is defo a pain in the bum!! Glad you have the books to read, its like a light comes on in your head when you read about the symptoms you have, then you know you are not going mad. Good luck with the assessment, stay wherever you are most comfortable when they visit you and then they can see you you live.

    Take care, Love Angela x

  • Ang01,thxs alot,yeah now i know im not going mad its just convincing others haha takecare x

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