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Ligament owch

I fell over 2 + weeks ago and have damaged my knee ligament.

It seems trying to 'rest' as one Dr said but live normally and use knee said another I am totally confused!

No change there I hear some Fibro friends say!

Just a general question anyone done a ligament strain and

A. How long did you need before leg was normal?

B. Who do you think has the best idea rest or activity?

C. Any clues if you are housebound effectively for weeks what to do apart from internet?

On the good news front my chloresterol although above average is not needing medications yipee!

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A few years ago I tore a ligament in my knee, I was advised to have a full leg cast to rest the leg, I requested to see physio first, they were horrified and I underwent rehab with them. I had to keep the weight off the leg for some weeks but put it through gentle movement several times a day. Obviously you must follow the advice you are given, this was just my experience. AS to how to fill your days I have many hobbies, reading, crafts and my favourite just now is colouring. xx


Similar to Lou. I damaged right knee. No weight bearing, but gentle movements as advised by physio. Months later and I still cant weight bear without pain, + hand touch the area feels numb which is a bit odd. Good luck :) Tulip x


I am so genuinely sorry to read that and with all things bodily, recuperation depends on the individual. So what takes a week for one may take a month for another. I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck with this.

All my hopes and dreams for you



It is all very subjective when it comes to any ligament damage.

There are four ligaments in each knee, one on each side and two inside the joint.

Generally the younger you are the better the blood supply to the ligaments and the quicker the healing process. The more damage to the ligament the longer it takes as well.

Sorry no hard fast rules on this one,, but do take it easy on the knee for a good while after the pain goes to make sure the repair is strong.

Best Wishes, Ray


Presumably you have just been seen by GPs? They are not specialists but generalists instead. I would ask for a physio referral, they should be able to give you the right advice and probably some appropriate exercises too. It can be difficult, and slow to access NHS physics in some areas, so you might want to consider a private one, if so try for someone linked to a sports club, if they specialise in sports injuries they are often more helpful in these circumstances. Good luck, otherwise if you can't get anywhere with the official services, you will just have to trust your own judgement, try out different things and see what works for you.



I did see A&E Dr had a doing for 2 weeks.

One medic says use leg other says rest!

See NHS physio next week.I will need taxi there +back as do not qualify for hospital transport!

Thanks for your input.


what about the Ring and Ride Service have you got that in your area where they take disabled people and people who have difficulties with their mobility to doctors and hospitals I would find out if they have that in your area. I think there will be a charge however it will be cheaper than a taxi :)


Hi that is what has happened to me in my right knee is swollen and when I went to my previous Doctor who is no longer my doctor thank god they said that nothing is wrong with my right knee so when I had an appointment to see my SLE Lupus Rheumatologist he is absolutely brilliant he saw that my leg had been swollen and he said did I fall so I said I did but not on my knee so he referred me for an MRI Scan and then he rang me and said that my ligament in my knee is torn and he wants me to see a bone doctor. I did see the Bone Doctors colleague trainee I assume and he said I have to have pysiotherapist which I said does not work for me and they have discharged me and then he wants me to come back in 2 months time. I have instead gone to Freshwinds in Selly Oak Birmingham where they do Complimentary Therapy and I am going next month to see an Homeopathic and do Bowen Technique. I have had Homeopathic years ago and I thought it was better than the medication I am taken right now so I believe to get through our medical illnesses we sometimes have to research and find a more suitable remedy ourselves because Doctors do not always have the answers and they do not know our body and what we go through in our daily lives and they will never know even with the Degrees and Masters they may have they will never understand fully like we do because it is our illness and we are the best people who know about what we have to suffer with in our lives anyway hope you are not in a lot of pain take good care of yourself Lillian :)


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