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Last night I fell down the stairs for the second time in 2 months, and consequently fractured my pelvis for the second time in two months, it's all down to a massive weakness in my left knee, but all the surgeons are saying to see this one ligament specialist in London, but I can't get an appointment until November, but in the mean time, I'm becoming more and more scared to even go near stairs just in case it happens again, does anyone have any ideas either how to overcome this fear or how to temporarily support my knee so it doesn't give way? It's an issue of incredibly lax ligaments and traditional braces don't aid the twisting as it just happens underneath the brace! I'm only 19 and this is getting the point where it's ruining my life, I'm so miserable and in so much pain constantly, and the morphine they've given me just makes me horribly sick! The fibro impacts pretty much every joint of mine, and gives me terrible chest and back pain and I'm running out of ways to keep myself positive, as exercise was my release for ages, but I can't even do that without this awful knee giving way! Any suggestions for any of these? Sorry for the rant and a half I'm just so dismayed!

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Oh dear Alice, I'm so sorry, you must be in agony :o I hope that the hospital are treating you well and that you don't have to spend too long there.

You certainly don't have to apologise for any rant, with what you're going through you are very entitled to rant !!

Surely now having had a second pelvic fracture they can bring the appointment forward from November it's a very long time to wait, and if your knee is giving way so frequently and with the serious risks pelvic fractures carry, I think you should try and bring pressure to bear on them to get it brought forward. If you don't feel brave enough yourself to push like that, then your parents should be on the case and insisting on an appointment almost as soon as you are mobile enough to attend one.

I'm sending you lots and lots of positive, hopefully pain busting and courage giving

vibes :-)

Foggy x


Hi Alice

Thank you so much for posting on our site. I am so sorry you are having such a retched time at the

mo! You say this is the second hip fracture and the ligaments around your knee are not working

properly. At least you are on the waiting list for your knee you could try ringing your surgeons phone number and talk to his secretary maybe she can see if there are any cancellation

It sounds as if you have osteoporosis quite badly for your age has this been confirmed yet?


Take great care

x Gins


Hi Alice, I think you deserve to rant! It must be really horrible and I can understand your lack of confidence. As Foggy has said you should try and push for your appointment to be brought forward. You can try to get your GP on side and the hospital you are attending for your fracture. In the meantime I am sending you a big hug and really hope that Foggy's vibes can help :)


Hi Alice

Do get referred for a physio assessment as they can advise about how to strengthen the knee and also about how to manoeuvre downstairs in a way that is least likely to lead to falling - maybe backwards with your hands onto the stairs above - until you have seen the specialist.



Hey guys,

Thank you for all your replies, what a great suggestion to give them a call and ask to move it forward! I've managed to move it to 29th Sept so a small victory today :). As for osteoporosis, it has been suggested but they are unsure it's that because I'm quite young. I've been to physio for about 5 years for my knee, and they've said there's no more they can do and it is surgical intervention that's needed. I shall try going downstairs like that, as it seems like the lowest risk way, and I hadn't thought of that, so thanks :). It's just such a struggle and at 19, my friends are going out dancing at night, drinking, away on holidays, and I can't do any of that because of this and it's an awful feeling, but my dogs are my absolute life! I don't know if there would be a specially trained dog I could get to walk down the stairs with me and come out with me so I'm not so nervous about being alone? As obviously my dogs aren't the best of trained and wouldn't be allowed in shops etc as they aren't specific helper dogs? If anyone has heard of anything like this, and knows how to look further into that, it would be good :).

Thanks again everyone, and hope you are all as good as you can be!


Great the appointment has been brought forward, well done! No I don't know about dogs - why not ask if you can speak to one of the nurses at the GP practice and see what she suggests as she might think of something and will know what's available in your area. As it's only a fortnight maybe you can come down backwards until then in order to protect yourself - hard to feel so handicapped but at least you will be safe. Then the specialist may advise you or bring in a nurse for advice. Be careful using anything to strap it up until you know what the problem is otherwise it may do more damage. xx


Hello alicewilliams

I feel so sad for your dreadful predicament.

You asked for a way to cope in the meantime; my daughter has terrible problems with her knee and the last time it popped out the nurse at A&E strapped her knee up with an elasticated stretchy bandage. Do you think one of those might help in the meantime until you are seen by the specialist?

You can wrap it around your knee as tightly as you wish although obviously not too tight.

Best wishes



Hi alicewilliams :)

I have experienced similar over the years but haver never broken bones as I am Hypermobile so I have overstretched ligaments and tendons instead..............

........................ but I do fear going down stairs because of the falls sometimes, and I think the best way for me was to come down sideways holding the bannister so I had some support and then a walking stick / crutch too for extra support if needed :o

I do feel for you.

I also come down the stairs backwards sometimes when my knees are sliding and use a walking stick/crutch for added support :)

Hope this is helpful and send fluffie hugs and smiles for you and your confidence will return soon and treatment when it starts will be useful.

Take care

:) xxxsianxxx :)


Hi alicewilliams

I am so sorry to read that you are suffering in this way and I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to this issue. I am delighted to read that you have rang them and managed to get the appointment brought forward, and hopefully this will help you a great deal?

I want to wish you all the best of luck with your appointment and your treatment.

All my hopes and dreams for you



It happened to me randomly for awhile, luckily I never did anything worse than sprain my ankle and busted my knee which had fluid on it for quite awhile. It left in about a years time. I had 5 falls in all. Never any warning. So sorry for all of you pain sweetheart. Hope you get to feeling better very soon!!!! xxxx Mitzi


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