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Family wedding

Well I'm presently at the hairdressers getting hair done for a wedding this afternoon.

Wedding is not till 3.00pm, so giving myself plenty of time to get ready, but struggling with pain and fatigue at moment, so hoping I can manage thru the day without too many issues.

So others find that they need to plan something out just to get through the day. Clothes are comfortable and loose fitting, shoes flat and comfy, meds spaced out to keep pain low ... And doing nothing tomorrow because I need to rest and recover for work on Monday.

Looking forward to the day but just wish I wasn't having to think about every little situation that might affect my fibro x

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I think we all do that! Happy day


Hello Hazel_angelstar

Hope you enjoy your day ! :)

Yes I do the same , as we need to be organised as anything extra to do on the day - well you lose spoons as they say ! Having hair done is probably the best thing to do as that is often the hardest part of getting ready unless you have really short hair.

I wish I had someone to do my hair everyday !! It would make getting ready so much easier :)

You have a lovely day for it I hope, well it is sunny here but may be different up there with you !

Emma :)


I hope you do enjoy the day! Happy family events are wonderful even if it is harder for us to enjoy them. Best wishes to the new bride and groom


Hope you enjoyed the day, rest well tomorrow xx


I hope everything went well and you have been able to enjoy it. Good move to have the hair done.

Yes I think we are all used to the planning bit I sometimes feel that I am having to go into military action just to do something like that. When I accepted an invite to my couisins wedding last year which was a distance away I had to travel up on the Friday, rest on the Saturday morning for the 3pm ceremony and stay overnight and then not travel home until the Sunday afternoon and I was still shattered for days afterwards. It is a right balancing act but worth it in the end as it was lovely to see my family for a happy occasion.x


I do hope the day goes well for you and all your family :) xxx


Hope you had the best day ever and you have wonderful memories to carry you through. Big sleep for you tonight ! Rest up tomorrow,


Hope you had a lovely day and that you sleep well tonight. 😴😴


I genuinely and sincerely hope that a wonderful time was enjoyed by all at the wedding.

All my hopes and dreams for you



Thanks everyone, had a lovely day and the sun shined. Lasted better than I thought I might have, even if not quite to the end. Even managed a few dances with my young niece... Who at one point was spinning me round to try and 'make me dizzy'.

Having a lazy day today.... Only doing bare essentials xxx


Hope you had a great day.

A few years ago I decided not to go to my nephews second wedding, it was a long journey and I would have needed to stay in an hotel a couple of days which I could not afford.

Anyway this year my son is getting married in Poland, and my father said "oh you are going, did not think you travelled for weddings".


Surely your father realises there is a huge difference between going to your nephews wedding - and your own sons.

Besides, your financial situation could be different now to it was then. Xxx


You would think so , but no.


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