Fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis and spondylosis !

Hi everyone!

I'm new to this community, as you can see my name is Sharon lol... I have fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis of spine and spondylosis. ...have looked up spondylosis and not sure if this is classed as a separate condition to osteoarthritis or not .

And just wondering if anyone has or knows about spondylosis and could give me some advice please?

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  • It is a form of arthritis it is a degeneration of the spine but is not so frightening as it sounds. As people age the majority will start to have this condition with some people it causes very little pain and in others the pain is really bad. I was diagnosed in my early 40's with it after having severe pain in my neck and top of the spine and horrible headaches. Strangely it seemed to come to a peak for about a year and even thoug my neck and top of the spine is often painful and tender with it it has never been so bad as when I had that first flare up.

    I don;t know what you have tried? Combinations of pain killers and antiinflamatories can help. Have you tried hot or cold compresses as I find cold ones help me as does the application of cold gel. Sometimes physios can give you exercises that help your range of movement as with pain our muscles can get very tense.

    Try not to sit in one position for two long and certainly don;t sit crouched over a computer screen without having a rest.

    Sometimes cognative therapy can help as it can change the way we perceive pain.

    Hope some of this helps you.x

  • Hi rosewine, thanks for ur reply , I have a tens machine that I was given to use from pain management, it helps for a while, I'm on slow release tramadol 150 ml morning and evening also I take tramadol 50 ml for break thru pain,paracetamol to help tramadol along and amitriptyline 100 ml at night, these have helped me up until last few months , I do relaxation exercises and breathing as well, I use crutches to help me get around my home I try to keep mobile as much as possible, I don't go out unless it's absolutely necessary, Dr's, hospital appointments etc , as walking has become quite painful after a few yards ,10/15 yards , my feet have become very tender on top and sides mainly underneath is only painful if I have no slippers or sandals on , I've had x ray and all seems well so just waiting to go Dr's to see what else could be going on in that department. ...and I'm also going to pain management next month to hopefully get my meds sorted out and to not be in pain constantly I'll be happy if they can take the edge of the pain .

    Sorry for waffling on ,not very good at shortening things lol ...

  • hope the doctor can come up with something to help you in the foot department. It would be lovely if we could unscrew those parts of our body that are painful and don't work so well and pop on a replacement part.x

  • I'd love to be able to just sit down and take my feet off for a while, that'd be lovely lol and I hope Dr's can figure out what is going on with my feet ☺

  • Me too, my feet have always been my problem area, G fitting, swelling now as well, tender at the drop of a hat... Does anyone else find it difficult to get cotton socks that are not too tight around the top, also Hotter shoes are seldom wide enough for me as they seem to be making their x-wide less wide than before... so now it seems I am destined for the old ladies shoes (apologies to any older ladies - I am 66 myself) that are ugly and open right up - ugh. I've never minded having to wear only flat shoes, but do want them to look good. Anyone know of a reasonable maker of shoes made to measure??


  • I too have cervical spondylosis, diognosed approx 4 years ago. I only recently started taking medication for it. I visit a chiropractor regularly, she is fabulous with many years of experience, this works for me. If I am stressed more than usual my neck gets the brunt of it. :(

    Take care,

    Soft hugs,

    Elizabeth :) xxx

  • Hi Elizabeth! Thanks for the reply. ...I see you have put cervical spondylosis? I didn't hear the word cervical from nurse at pain management only spondylosis are they the same? I think I need to ask questions next month when I go next really lol bcos I'm getting really confused as usual lol

  • Hi Sharon,

    Hope you are feeling ok today:) Yes cervical sponylosis: It's my 4th and 5th disks at the top of my neck that are affected, apparently according to the xray it shows the top of my spine is out of alignment. Some days my neck is ok but others I find it difficult to pick up things. I used to nurse when I was younger and always used my thighs when lifting, but in the process I'v damaged my neck. Like you Sharon we just have to stay positive and do our very best on a daily basis.

    To look at me you would think that there is nothing wrong, I slim, 49 years of age, watch what I eat, avoid food that can cause me pain and I try and walk with my dog. I also work part time and care for my parents aswell. So I try to be positive most of the time. It's amazing what a bit of makeup can do, It works wonders for me(ha ha) This site has certainly made a big difference, I am so glad I found it. The people are lovely and all have their own story to tell.

    I'v just recently started taking medication for my pain, I was very scared at first, especilly the side effects. It has certainly made a difference to my life.

    Soft hugs for you,

    Elizabeth :) xxx

  • Welcome to the forum and it is wonderful to make your acquaintance. I sincerely hope that you find the forum, useful, informative and loads of fun! I can see that you have had your question answered so I will just wish you all the best of luck.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • I also have cervical spondylitis and am having surgery in a couple of months, I had to see a neuro surgeon at kings college hospital and am petrified of the risks, also have fibromyalgia and stenosis of the spine

  • Hi Dionne, sorry to hear u've got to have surgery and hope all goes well. ...I don't have a clue about spondylosis as I've only just been told by pain management that I have this ....and have had it for past 4 yrs along with fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis of spine, looked up spondylosis and what I've read about it (which is not a lot ) it says it's a separate condition to osteoarthritis...I'm now confused totally, as what I've been told goes back to it being osteoarthritis. ..?

    Also what is the surgery you are having and why ?

  • I also have cervical spondylitis - it's what they call wear and tear where two sections of the joint rub together but there is not the calcification that there is with arthritis, with spondylitis there is wearing whereas with arthritis there is increased bone. I have spondylitis at the top of the spine and around the neck area (C3/4 and C5/6/7) and also have mild arthritis in other places as well as fibro. The pain from the neck is worse at night and keeps me awake, it's frustrating trying to find a way to sleep that doesn't result in pain, I've tried every kind of pillow and sleep with abut 7 on the bed at any time 'cos I can't tell which will be comfortable enough to sleep but luckily I manage 8 hours most nights, sometimes more! The fibro mainly causes myofascial muscle cramps in my arms and tenderness around the sternum which is also bad at night. I also have tinnitis which is constant at the moment, mild asthma and get iBS at times, oh and periods of depression...

    I am on Duloxetine for fibro, have just started back on it after a month off, decided easing the pain and being able to sleep is more important than worrying about the long term effects of meds. I don't take anything for the neck pain which is often referred to my shoulders and down my arms. Combining antidepressants and painkillers has recently been found to increase risk of stroke and as that is something I would hate to have happen I stay off regular painkillers. I find I can ease the neck pain by moving my head and body around, doing some seated exercises, or getting up and walking around. Driving can sometimes be painful but that usually is manageable.

    I have found that the most important thing with fibro is learning to pace myself and accepting that some days I will feel fine, other days dreadful, and to go with that and not overdo things.


  • Hi Sharon. I'm having surgery on my cervical disks ( in the neck) as I have nerves squashed between the disks and it's causing problems with my neck, shoulder, arm and hand, my hand feels like continuous pins and needles and numb, pain goes from neck down to arm and I'm on morphin tablets amongst other meds, scared though as they go through front of neck and the risks or awfull. Hope ur feeling as well as could be and all the best

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