Morning everyone, I woke up this morning well didn't really sleep, finally couldn't take no more had to get out of bed. But I couldn't get up, my knees,ankles,wrists,lower back,shoulders PAINS. Is this what they call a flare up? My husband helped me to bathroom,my mouth is so sore.

Feel as though I can't take much more!! Wanted to get out of this house today,no chance getting on bus like this,stuck in here I am going mad.took me ages to write this.


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  • Morning trace

    Oh I do feel for you bless ya, I would say this is a flare try and just rest today and lots of baths. More you try and relax sooner it will pass.

    Hugs Keeley x

  • Thanks Keeley it's never been this bad,sorry shouldn't have moaned,there are people worse off than me. Will rest ( fed up with resting) lol. Anyway how's you

    Trace x

  • Moan away trace :-) I was the same over the weekend felt like I'd been ran over.

    I am surprisingly ok today, did some stretches last night and trying to eat well..... So feel quit good??? Do I dare say???? LOL


  • Hiya, it's not nice is it? Hope you feel a bit better now. I get this too, have to wait until things start working again in the morning! Lol...... This morning i woke up with ear aches, and can't touch my ears, as they are so sensitive. I get this often. It's gone now, and I'm coming around a bit now!! (Sounds like I've been unconscious) lol....getting ready now, and off to work. Hang on in there! Xx

  • Hi thanks for your support, hope you feeling ok toda😃

    I had long bath, pain killer's and went to bed, feeling a little better this morning! X

  • I am so genuinely sorry to read that and I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Thanks Ken,it's always nice to hear you're comforting words.better today, although it's raining hard outside, typical English weather!

    Hope you're well.


  • It's awful when u feel like that I have lots of nights like that. Try to have a good soak in the bath and I also have soft lighting and usually a audio book playing in the background. I find if I'm concentrating on something else it help ease the pain a little. Good luck and hope u are feeling better now :)

  • Yea feeling a bit better today thanks,soak in bath helped along with meds😃

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