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Hi y'all. Yesterday I had the medicine infusion. The whole process was very painless. I was not left alone at all during the infusion. Constantly monitored. All went well. Today I have some blurriness in me eyes. Otherwise I'm just immensely tired. Tomorrow we bury my dad. It is gonna be an awful day. As a family we are strong so we will get through it. Hope all my fibro friends are as well as can be expected. Take care

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Take care and try not to let stress get to bad.


Good morning

I am sending you a gentle hug to help you through today.

I hope all goes smoothly.

Hugs Lu xx


Such a sad time for you gentle hugs coming your way.x


my deepest sympathies to you all, you are in my thoughts.


I genuinely hope that the day goes as well as it possibly can for all of you. Please take care of yourself.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


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