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Esa assessment at 1.40 quick question

Hi all as some of you know I have my assessment today and my hubby is now coming with me. My question is will the assessor ask him questions, should he interject with info if needed? I've read comments about abrupt assessor so would it jeopardise me if he comments?

Feel sick with worry!


Jo x

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Hi Jo

Yes. If your hubby thinks you've missed anything, yes he should interject without a doubt.

Don't worry about you answering quickly. Say you had the phone in your hand.

Good luck


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I agree!!! My daughter had a lot to say! My memory is really bad so she kept saying stuff!


Hope the assessment went well.x


Hi yes think it went well but you never know. Glad hubby came lol when she looked at my meds she said oh you have raised BP as well as I'd forgotten. She asked how long I'd been on them I said few months...Pete piped up err no Jo a few years lol! She was a nurse and said she knew about fibro. Afterwards she said try not to worry i think you'll be fine. Let's see

Hugs Jo x


This is where someone being with you can be a plus. So glad that you had someone who seemed to understand fibro. Everything crossed for you.x

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Fingers crossed for you x


I genuinely and sincerely hope that you get your desired outcome and award!

Al my hopes and dreams for you



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