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Mini stroke?

Hi had to visit job center monday while there became quite ill not been feeling great for a while on Saturday had been getting cracked vision again like looking through a broken screen with strobing colours along lines then later brown blobs! plus shading to left high like having a blind on.been getting weird things in eyes for quite sometime but not so much in a short time.

Didn't feel great either breathing was poor as so out of breath for nothing there days and coccyx has become quite a problem. did sit down at pc sat evening got up and lost my balance ending up falling over things.

On sunday friends said your not the same person that they know.

So on monday got there they kept me waiting 45 mins too was trying to take pressure on coccyx as so numbing feet kept getting tingles using inhaler to try to help breathing but was keeping fast but like shallow then got this thing like an outline of an island in vision with flashing colours then in end called me managed to make my way over and vision changed to like a waterfall of colours going down side of vision sort of sat down hes starting to say something but looked distant but in two focal distances so sort of double.

I was getting this very bad feelings in face/head/body then said i'm not being funny but think i need an ambulance as could feel it getting worse becoming quite nauseous things becoming numbing loosing senses/balance etc? they rang 999 messed about with G4s monkey dithering in the end they didn't want to send ambulance said ring 111/call quack!

DWP john said he'd make me an appointment for next week! managed to sort of get up but couldn't walk properly just about got door open lent over rail outside for while trying to sort myself out then got a bit further then it became too much and collapsed the world went haywire everything was going numb with like pins n needles all my face was like at dentist with pins n needles going round nose/cheek area.

police must have been close as they arrived sat me up and supported me

Paramedic came was asking me questions but i couldn't speak properly everything was slurred finished up couldn't move arms&legs as said move my toes but nothing happened they lifted arms but couldn't keep up while doing stats(My bp was very high for me)remember he was saying his wife has fibro too and what it had done to her to me and police and said this is more like CFS and said about yuppie flu and said body just has nothing left to give!

In the end the ambulance turned up but i couldn't stand up but got me on stretched in end.

A&E did checks in the end doc said didn't think was a stroke as had rang S consultant

I said but while was on floor they said(Think was police)my face kept dropping there words doc said not in notes!

My quack thinks it was like a panic/stress attack with high co2 levels?

But just been checking something out and comes back as a TIA as even after and next day was still getting tingles on face and now still my face is completely numb as have no feelings on cheeks/mouth.

Someone i know from other place that has fibro was talking about Small fiber neuropathy and said quite common with us which explains hand etc problems.

one other thing came back was if have another tumor Trigger something? as linked back to numbness and others is loosing hearing in ear which have found recently.balance/loosing senses like smell/taste/change in moods which have as find very unpredictable as like once want to go home just want to push anyone out of way etc.and quite a few other things ive noticed now but back to Endo for a rescan soon so will maybe know more then.

But it was a scary situation not knowing what was going on and felt so helpless

but the Ambulance was a total joke didn't even have oxygen and i'm sure if it had been worse i wouldn't be here know that i'm very sure of.

One odd things somethings like a thought was so crystal clear while everything else was a jumble/blur but have lost memory of last week but picking bits back up by diary/calendar/cross referencing etc

Already had an appointment with CA type place near me lady checked my stats and said i don't need to go to these interviews anyway and shouldn't be bothering me did write me a nice letter to show my doctor to write to them and said if they won't do come back and we will do for you started my PIP thing as said with what you are going through are entitled to(was never sure)

My doctor moaned about writing to them said if did for all his patients would never leave here! but said he will do for me and going to sort my blue badge application out which was nice of him as felt a good help.

but one thing came back as my friend whose been in Thailand since end of last year now say's he can really see a change in my health!

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I can only answer from personal experience I must make that clear. All the symptoms you describe I have had in the past and over several years, in my case it was indeed panic attack, I get the visual disturbance and facial numbness just before migraine. I have actually passed out with panic attack due to hyperventilating, in my case breathing in but not fully exhaling so you are left starved of air. I had to learn how to breathe properly, which sounds ridiculous, this helped me enormously I can now stop panic in its tracks. You must of course seek help when you have these very frightening symptoms, if it is indeed panic I fully understand how that feels. I wish you well. Lou xxx


Hi i didn't have a headache then but do get headaches like being hit round head with an hammer often think much is from neck as disc is damaged so they grind n crunch and sure is pushing on artery.

Asked Doctor at hospital earlier while down there for my B tests said face is has no feelings said to ring where sorting my tumor out as they can't get up on there system as think it's tumor pressing on nerves and suppressing body system?

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Panic attacks are no joke! They make you feel all sorts of things! Have you seen heart doctor? I have rheumatic heart valve disease. Thinning of the valve. So sometimes the valve (one or more of the three) doesn't close all the way. I get some wired symptoms when it does that. I truly hope you find out what it was. Please update when you find out!


I am so genuinely sorry to read that and I sincerely hope that you feel better soon.

All my hopes and dreams for you



Hi thank you all for help/info but one thing they never considered was a blood clot as been on Tgel which seems to have been the bane of my life as had what they thought could be heart problems and ankles had swollen/puffy 111 said to go as could be heart or BC but hospital never went BC as have found calf muscles painful/sore which it does mention where BC's can start.

Just seems that with hospital/medical theres one small door in a lots of big doors out!

It's almost if looking over your shoulder as saying your name with "NEXT"!


The one thing is with this is that my face is still numb/lacks feelings!

As used to get very sore from shaving around top lip was really sensitive(fibro thing?)but now just shave and no pains at all can bite my lip hard very little pain there


Been looking in to Testosterone HRT many links to breathing/heart attacks/strokes!

but since took my pains got worse on pressure points forearm is still giving lots of problems as very weak/painful if trying to do things and im left handed and it's left one! my BP is high since been on it too as had a nose bleed other night had to call an ambulance as couldn't stop it everytime got it to stop'ish it would then start again and after 2 hours+ had had enough mind they was pretty quick did say about what ive been/am on etc so they thought best esp in view of other week?

Ambulance couldn't stop it either so took me in A&E checked blood said looked ok but BP was high esp for me as used to always be 90/60 and low heart rate as have large heart and did so much sport used to cycle race.

But now out of breath for nothing wake up like it too other thing found other day was went out felt ok as not been up long after say ten mins walking it started felt tight and breathing got worse so then have to keep stopping and walk slowly i used to walk with long strides and pretty quick.

The other thing thinking of is Scleroderma as have Raynauds.

Get throat problems and food sits there and if say sucking through a straw mouth gets very sore for long while.

another thing noticed get lots of like tiny blisters or could have been has skin is broken there like little holes in skin! just top layer.but my hands are quite white on palms but lines/creases if flat are red.

Trying to get referred to Royal Free going there soon for ENT.

The other thing could be is !(where's the Author?)ARCS/RADS or what it is where been exposed to chemicals etc and insides irritated from it?


Well an update! ish. well away from Tgels my BP has now dropped right down!

Breathing is still poor but im now more in the mind that this was a mild stroke/TIA as since have concentration problems and much more forget so many things now and have a friend that had a mild stroke fair while back and we are very alike you can't notice he had one but it's things like noises around you or kids on playing aimless crap and other things and can't deal with things that used to very impatient etc.

Plus my face around jaw area is still numb.


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