Ohhhhhh :(

Wow ..... the pain is bad today, I can barely move, it feels like I'm being stabbed in the bk ( at the top ) and I'm struggling to walk due to the pain in my lower bk and hip :( , just nipped to the shop which is a 2 sec walk from my house and the pain was unbearable ..... My painkillers are not even taking the edge of it today, does anyone have any advice ?

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  • Sorry you're n such pain today, have you tried an Epsom salts bath, I find if I soak for 20/30mins it eases the pain a bit, good luck

  • That was me yesterday. I got in a deep Epsom Salt bath and kept on topping up the water. Whilst in the bath I did gentle stretching exercises and to be honest crawled into bed with a good book after massaging cooling cream on all the muscles I could reach. Not grand today but much, much better than yesterday. I think sometimes our bodies just say no and I now realise that sometimes I just have to go with the flow and not fight it.

    Do hope by tomorrow you will be feeling much better.x

  • Yep like arymretep says Epsom salt baths then just resting up. I hate the days when even med's don't help :-( have some cake a cuppa and get the hotwater bottle on your back x

    Hope you feel a bit better soon x

  • I am genuinely sorry to read that and I sincerely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to this issue.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • warm water therapy..... heated swimming pool ?? gentle stretching ??? warm massage?? chiro?? acupuncture ??

  • I've been the same since Fri, we had a massive electrical storm here and I haven't been good since then...:'( :'( :'( I also know when we're going to have rain as my body will ache from my head to my toes!....I can't walk properly and feel totally drained!

    I exercise a little and make sure I don't overdo it!!... Hope you feel better soon!...♥♥♥

  • That is me today am so sore and stiff in pain unfortunately an Epsom bath not an option as had bathroom converted to a wet room for ease of use will fill up on painkillers and hope for the best xx

  • well your post was 2 days ago...hope you r feeling better. I have been feeling TERRIBLE for over 10 days now...blaaaaah, sucks, epsom salts work for me as well. do you have an S.O. ( significant other) to give you a massage? I had a friend tell me to try (turmeric) a pretty potent anti-inflammatory vitamin. it has doing me good, taking to much ibuprofen can reek havoc on your kidney's. do you have inflammation? they up my dosage on cymbalta...it help w/ skeletal pain. Hope this may have been helpful. ?

  • Hi, kellie... It's 2 days after your post now, so I hope you are better ...

    I also get a knife-like pain in the upper/mid part of my back (right @ my bra hooks). Also the lower part of my back and hip area will hurt, and if that is really bad, I can expect that I might get worse later, and not be able to get up from a sitting position ... hence I don't get into a tub, much as I'd like. I might get stranded =(.

    About the only thing that helps me is to lie down and use warmth ~ a heating pad on my back, etc. ~ for a fairly short time. (My doctor said that using heat for really long time periods will only compound your pain ... so I try to limit use.)

    Sending soft and gentle, healing hugs your way ... bk

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