stressed as now have FB

im disabled due to a spine operation which left me nerve damage down one leg,constant pain,use leg splint cos of foot drop,need walking sticks/wheelchair user&now have FB!on morphine patches gabbenpentine,naproxen,waiting to take amitriptylyn,been disabled 10yrs&now been told have to have medical accessment by Atos to see if fit to work!incapicity is changing its name!i cant sit/stand,cook etc have a carer!now this medical,its disgusting does anyone else have same problem?

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  • Here is some info on benefits and assessments that may help:

  • thxs thats helpfull,just had quick look,to refere to later

  • its a joke there 3million unemplyed and they expect disabled people to work, have you got any help with your medical, c a b and an advocate,I recently went to a dla tribunal, I wasnt awarded anything, my carer starts tuesday my social worker has been great, so Im getting a blue badge etc

    Is your gp on your side, try to get all the help you can,look up the question they ask at these assessments

  • hi lally i get disabilty allw.have bluebadge,i understand its the incapicity changing,my hubby is my carer,have drs support,iv read some of the questions,they get payed by everyone they fail&have seen comments on how they change peoples answers!on all my meds&disabilitys im no way capable of working!looking on blogs i see underactive thyroid&athritis is apart which i have both too!

  • Hello Lollypop

    I know you didn't ask for FM, none of us did, but can I welcome you to the group anyway? Well done for finding us so quickly, many don't including myself.

    I cannot say I understand what you are going through because I am not in your position, but you must be feeling, and it shows in your email, very angry and distressed. You certainly have been dealt a bad hand in life and it is not fair at all.

    On the up side, you have found a very supportive group who can talk you through many different sides of FM.

    When you have your assessment dont leave anything to chance. Make sure you have written witness accounts to support everything you claim you cannot do and need doing for you so they cannot find a loophole to slip you through! Am I talking to someone who knows all this though? I just mean to be supportive and I know from reading many blogs here that this is a common problem.

    I too cannot stand for long, cannot walk far and have a wheelchair. But although I was angry at having to use a wheelchair, but the time I got it I found it a blessing as it got me back into life. I also have a scooter, mobility scooter and fear losing it as I am currently experiencing a break in my FM symptoms and can walk about twice as far - 40 feet as opposed to 20. I worry that someone will see I can walk more easily to the curb to get into the taxi and will misinterpret this as to meaning I am no longer entitled to DLA.

    I fully understand your fears about being assessed and your anger at having to go through it all yet again, but things have changed for you, all be it for the worse, so please know you have cyber friends here who are on your side and will be here for you no matter what happens. You should get through this all okay, just don't let things drag you down as life is better when you smile through it. Oh I sound like one of those people who annoy me. Sorry.

    I look forward to seeing one of your blogs soon, soft hugs and all the best

  • thank you so much for your support its nice to have someone who sister has FM too,she has had it for years before anyone had heard about it!its a worry because i feel being disabled we are being made to feel guilty!i shall keep in touch on here,thanks again xx

  • from what Ive learned check check and check again your forms get letter from all medics you see.

    Atos is a french IT company so I was told, I had a medical assessment for esa a few yrs ago, they assess you from the time you enter the buiding I was awarded 6 points for mobility, and nothing else, so was refused esa

  • they phoned me asked if i could go downstairs incase of fire as i cant they are ringing back with alternative?so maybe at home i dont know will wait&see!

  • Hi lollypop,

    Its lovely to meet you and i hope you enjoy this site as much as i do. :)

    hugs, kel xxx

  • just to say hello, lollypop, i am new to this site too, very kind and helpful people

    here, hugs.:)

  • thxs everyone,its nice to know friendly advise on here,hugs at you!x

  • Hi lollypop, welcome from me too. :) x

  • thanks sue,thanks chris,im seeing my dr again this week sort meds out,she wrote a great letter in my support i sent with assesment form,but it was all sent before i got dignosed FB,so along with my disability,haha im falling apart!had probs so long always put it down to nerve damage in spine,but last couple of months been in so much pain in joints,migrains etcat last i can read up&have morale support now!thx goodness hubby is such a lovely one!x

  • thats awful whayt are these people playing at they can clearly see that you are not fit for work why do they stress us out sending us these letters love to you diddle x

  • diddle,i dont understand either,unemployment high so how can disabled get work ?its crazy!thanks for your love its nice to know someone cares takecare xx

  • i can completely relate to you story your life and mine snap in every way . i was a nurse and 11yrs ago i was attacked by a resident in an section unit i worked in broke my back in a couple of places . had way too many ops which have been no good in dissabled now like you . i find it very frustrating cant do much at all but i seeem to push myself just to prove im still alive some days i think if you know what i mean . im really trying to find some sort of support group to go to i live in scotland and theres no such thing here.maybe you have a support group where you live ? im here if you want a chat ever im not sure if i can leave my number on here but if theres a way we could keep in touch that anyway your in my thouhgts take care kay :)x

  • hi kay,yes i know what you mean,i try to put on a brave face at times too,im due to see spine surgeon on the 26th as they said it didnt work the decompresion&fusion,but with FB im not sure what he will not sure if a support group here,&only just found out about FB although i had sispion i had it.everyday is painfull,its hard isnt it at times to try little things when i want to do big things!i will keep looking for you on here&we can support each other!takecare xxx

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