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getting bad

I have been getting worse and worse with it settling in my neck and upper back so bad that It's getting to the point that I can't deal with it anymore. I take so many drugs all day long that just seem to take the edge off, but put me in a fog even more than usual. I don't say too much to anyone because who wants to listen to someone complaining all the time that they feel like crap. My father had a saying that he always said and I want to share it with you cause it might get a giggle out of you,...but it is so true. He used to say "I feel like I've been eaten by a coyote and shit off a cliff" and that is exactly how I feel every day. Thank you for letting me finally complain about feeling like I do and I think that this is a great site, it allows us the right to say this crap sucks!!!!!! Hugs to all of us,...gentle hugs....

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I have never heard it out that way before, very interesting :)

It is nice to have a place to unburden yourself and also get a giggle in the process :)

I hope you start to feel a little better soon.

Healing vibes being sent your direction :)


I also get it in my neck and upper back and find that a really hot bath helps. if you cannot use a bath heat packs are good and so is Valterol cream.

I hope that you soon find some thing that helps



Warm bath heating pad and pain patches along with meds and a daughter that gets on to me and tells me to go lay down. If I am being to stubborn. She ask one of grandsons didn't you want to lay down with grandma and watch videos. The skunk knows my weakness. I have a hard time telling any of my grandkids no.


Like your dads sense of humour !!


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