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got to appeal pip decision


had a mandatory reconsideration knocked back.i have no option but to keep fighting as I can bearly work part time never mind full time.the whole system seems to be against us as they never take into account the pain factor that makes most things almost impossible.please has anybody got any advive,im going to cab on Wednesday x thankyou xx

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Hello, I think that you are doing the best thing in going to the cab. I have always found them to be very good.

Best of luck, Sue :)

I am so genuinely sorry to read that and I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck with your appeal.

All my hopes and dreams for you


CAB may be your best bet if you are an older person then you can also try Age UK. My local CAB were fantastic but I am afraid my local Age UK seem to base what they saw in front of them not the evidence I had of my multi-conditions. But that's being human I suppose.

Good luck

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thank you xx


I would also have a look at the Benefits and Work website. It costs £20 per year to join and you get guides that tell you how to fill out forms, deal with appeals etc. I do agree that CAB is a great option.

Maybe keep a pain diary over a week or so if you do not already do so in order to identify patterns or triggers. Consider asking yourself a couple of questions, "what do I want to achieve?" "How reasonable is that expectation?"

Keep records of every contact with the DWP - date, who spoken with, what was said.

Remember, dealing with the DWP and disability related benefits is a marathon not a sprint.

Good luck & best wishes.


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