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Don't wanna go the the docs *sticks out bottom lip*

However I don't think I have much choice.

Woke up last Saturday with a pain in my side which radiated into my shoulder. It's gone from easing to hurting when I breathe. Now I know it's a pulled muscle as my exercise consists of sitting down, lying down and eating with the occasional visits for hospital appointments.

Has anyone had this symptom? If so, any ideas?



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Hello bobsta nice to meet you

Which shoulder is it ?

Sometimes you can get referred pain in right shoulder from billiary tree like gallbladder spasms, anything gallbladder . If you know for definite it muscular I would still see Dr as may need physio .

My life is nearly same as your I get out of bed fo food fluid and shower use the ladies room and dreaded hospital appointment if I'm well enough that day so I empathise with you . I'm always careful with shoulder pain and pain when take deep breath can you get a home visit love by GP I know stupid thing to say been there to but you do need Dr me thinks love

Take care

I'm sorry if I have waffled not answered a post for ages but your rang a bell read my profile if you want to know more

Love squeak xxxx



Tha you Saueal for the lovely reply.

My Carer is getting me an appointment in the morning.

I've had my gall bladder removed so unless it was a sneaky stone that has appeared, I don't know what it is. It radiates into my right shoulder. It's the feeling you get after a laparoscopy when the air is trying to work itself out of the bones.

Fingers crossed it's nothing serious.

If you are ever bored, even considering the hectic social life we lead, don't hesitate to contact me.

Gentle hugs



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Sounds like the sort of muscle spasms I used to get when my back kicked off. I started to learn that when I got a particular head ache at the base of my skull or down my shoulder blade that I need to take action or suffer another spasm so bad I struggled to breathe and swallow - only liquids. Diazepam and gentle stretches were the remedy as well as being mindful of how I moved for the next few days 😁


Hi bobb

thanks for lovely relpy

Yes I'm often dancing on tables in nightclubs( not)

Gall bladders are tricky things I think In the future like well in the future they will realise you can't remove them that it's there for a reason .

It might just be gravel in bile duct ,or muscular like you say

I find that you know your body best and also after mine gallbladder was removed pain was still same strength so knew it was related

Would love to hear how you get on with GP

If you don't mind

Good luck



Ps just a thought my bile duct spasm sometimes feels like you describe comes and goes and referred shoulder pain .i stop playing at Sherlock and let the experts help you tomorrow


Heat pack on the area and tens machine also work xx (did for me, I should add) 😊


I am so genuinely sorry to read that you are suffering so much and that you do not fancy seeing your GP. I was wondering if there was a different GP at your surgery that you could discuss your Fibro with? I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you



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