FAQ - I would like to report a comment or a post, how do I do this please?

Hello FMAUK Members,

Please see the following information about reporting any content deemed offensive;

Offensive Comments on the Main Board

As we have over 16,000 members moderating the community can time consuming but rewarding for our volunteers. However you can help as you are using the community you can 'Report' commenys or posts you think our Admin team should be alerted to. This helpful as we then receive an email highlighting us that a report has been made & we can address it as necessary.

Please Note: Do not reply not matter how much offense it may have caused as this serves only to mean Admin may need to address your comment too as per our guidelines.

Content to be reported is outlined here by HealthUnlocked;


Also this post explains ALL the guidelines for this site;


Here's information about 'How to report content' & as you can see from the picture this is where the report button can be found;


Other issues to be reported & information how to do it:

Need to report Abuse Private message (this includes offense text & spammers), please see link;


Any other concerns can be raised by contacting any Administrator;

List of Administrators

Hamble99b- Admin on behalf of HU

TheAuthor -Admin on behalf of HU

Ginsing - Admin on behalf of HU

M0AL61 = Admin on behalf of HU

Hazel_angelstar - FMAUK Administrator & Admin on behalf of HU

Desquinn - FMAUK Vice Chair & Webmaster

Here's how you can find them;


We, Thank You in advance for any help to keep the community as positive and respectful as possible

Best Wishes

Emma :)

Community Co-ordinator


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