New Logo Survey

New Logo Survey

Hello Members,

We are looking at designing a new logo for the newly merged charity.

We want you to have your say and contribute to the new brand. In the survey link at the end are some concepts we are considering and we want to see what you think of them. With these being concepts, they may change in colour and appearance by the time we get to a final design but we would like your thoughts on where they are right now.

We have the butterfly from Fibroaction and the person with pain points from FMA UK previously and we would like to have a non-gender specific butterfly inspired design that speaks to the previous charities history and will fit us for the future. We are also seeking some guidance on colours that people associate with fibromyalgia in the UK.

The survey will be open until 23.59pm on Friday 07/08/15. It can be found here:

We appreciate your time and support with this survey.

Best Wishes

Emma :)

Community Coordinator

12 Replies

  • Done, and there was one that I really liked.

  • Hi Ken, There was one i really liked and one that thought was more suitable, I left a comment saying so. :)

  • I have added my comments - also happy to help with actual design as I am a professional graphic designer (not working currently owing to FM illness). Let me know if you would like some help or brainstorming :-)

  • Dont like the sound of `Brainstorming` i got enough problems with my brain as it is. :O :P

  • you should try it - it's a well-know creative technique used to find solutions! :-) very handy with brainfog days when one needs the help of others! :-) :-)

  • I know what it is, but still sounds painful. :D

  • Lightning storm in the brain a vivid image

  • yep. :P

  • I worked as a cleaner in a materials test lab for 11 yrs and being a nosey so and so i picked up a lot of the

    jargon and an understanding of the test that were made, So i could understand what they were talking about. So the cleaner often found herself involved in brainstorming.

    Besides i have what scientist dont have.

    Common sense. :P

    But dont tell my son i said that, he is one of them :D


    now, back to the logo... LOL :-) :-)

    It will be exciting to see what develops with the design :-)

  • Done - nice to be asked to contribute and vote. Thanks guys. Will be interesting to see if we all liked the same one as there was one stand-out design for me too.

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