FAQ - How do I lock posts & find out about privacy within HU communities?

Privacy within Fibromyalgia Action UK HealthUnlocked Community (HU)

Avatar & Username

If you wish to be anonymous within HU, it is probably best advised to choose a Username which does not mean or relate to anything about you and your picture is probably best kept as random.

If you have joined using your real name without realising you have the option to change your Username from you Account settings if necessary. This can only be done twice (feeling like Bond for a second there!)

We do ask members to remember their internet safety especially on the main board - we encourage members to share any personal information they wish (at their own risk) via private message.

How to Private Message;


Profile Picture & Information

Again you can add as little about yourself or as much as you like it's up to you ! if you wish to remain as anonymous as possible you may decide to write very little and have a random picture.

Some people like to personalise their profile and write all about their journey which again is up to the member entirely.


If you would like a post to remain private to one community only, you will need to lock it to 'Community' otherwise any followers from other communities we be notified of your new post & subsequent comments if they decide to follow the post too. When locked only members & followers will be able to read your post in that community.

People near me

Members locations are only shown in estimated distances from other users. Only HealthUnlocked members can use this feature and you can see members from all your communities that are using this feature. If you want to opt out, please do so in Account settings

Facebook & Twitter icons

Posts that are not locked to the 'Community' can be shared on Facebook and/or Twitter by any member if they so wish.

How to lock posts

After writing your content in your post before clicking Submit you'll see various options underneath the box you've written within.

* Select Post or Question

* Select which Community you want to post in

* Select where you want post to go ie: Community Blog, Benefits & Work, Pets Corner etc etc....

* Then you'll see 2 options Everyone & Community

Everyone this is an option that is NOT locked to the Community only. Which means it can be found via Search Engines (if the trigger words entered into search engine pick up the exact post) & these posts also have a Facebook & Twitter share button beside it, so anyone in the community can potentially share it on their Facebook and/ or Twitter if they wish to.

NB If your post is available to 'Everyone' all followers can read all posts in all communities.

Community If this option is selected this WILL lock your post to the community. Only members of the community will be able to read who has written it & from outside the community it will say written by 'Hidden' & a few lines of the post will be seen but non members cannot read the post. It is not searchable within a search engine & does NOT have the Facebook or Twitter button so cannot be shared in this way. It will appear as 'Hidden' from outside the community with a couple of lines of the beginning of the post.

NB If your post is locked to a particular community then if one of your followers isn’t a member of that community then they won’t be notified of your post

The default is for Everyone so you need to physically click Community for every post to be LOCKED. You will then see a padlock beside your post title & this is how you can see which posts are locked and which are not!

Remember, look & lock, check & click when submitting a post if you want it locked to the community & please be aware of what you write as comments on unlocked posts (ie without the padlock icon beside title) if you are worried about being identified by the content or your avatar

Administrator's Posts

Please Note Any posts that are written by Administrators with information, news or FAQ are not locked to the community, so they be shared to provide information to others on Social Media in the future.

We usually write the following at the end of the post Please Note this may be shared on Facebook and/or Twitter.

All posts that are NOT locked to the community can be seen by anyone, including non members ie: anyone on the internet who visits the homepage and/or if someone using any search engine ie:Google using key words like 'Fibro' and 'Itch' then any HU posts with this content will come up but may be way down the list of the search depending on if there are many HU posts with those key words.

It seems that some of you were unaware of this and are worried about your posts. If you want to keep completely anonymity you need to have a random avatar name, no picture of you, lock your posts and remember your comments on others posts that are not locked can be read too.

Remember, look & lock, check & click when submitting a post if you want it locked to the community & please be aware of what you write as comments on unlocked posts (ie without the padlock icon beside title) if you are worried about being identified in any way

I hopes this helps explain in more detail.

Best Wishes

Emma :)

Community Co-ordinator


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