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Hi everyone

What a great site. I have been reading everyone's comments and they are so useful and heartfelt. I am new to this site but had fibro n IBS for 6 years now. It's such a comfort to listen to others comments and know your not going mad with this condition!! Gentle hugs x

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I just wanted to wish you a very warm welcome 😊. You've found a lovely place to ask questions, share your experiences and have a good rant when needed ☺️

You'll also find lots of humour. The best tonic!

If you have a look at there's lots of information you might like to take a look at.

I look forward to seeing you around.

Gentle hugs

Lu xx


Hi bluemeraid1. Thanks for replying and for the site details I will have a good look.

A good laugh n rant is what we all need, like you said it's a tonic. Especially with people who understand too.

Hope you are doing ok and will keep an eye out for you.

Big hugs xxx


Welcome redhead look forward to chatting with you.

Smiles from me :-) :-) xx


Thank you. Hope you are feeling ok today. I've taken it easy. Big gentle hugs xxx☺☺


Big hugs and hello xx


Thanks Audh. Hello to you too. Xx☺☺


Welcome to the FibroAction community tedhead

I see you have been given our website details which is great, however just to let you know it will be available until 1st of July - After which the website will as FibroAction merge with Fibromyalgia Association to form Fibromyalgia Action UK (FMA UK) For more info see HomePage of our website.

I look forward to bumping into around the community and having a natter! :)

Best Wishes

Emma :)

FibroAction Administrator


Hi Emma. Thanks for the info on the new site, really appreciate it. Yes great site. Nice to know there is somewhere to go for us and meet like minded, understanding and gentle individuals. Big hugs xx


Hello :)

I'm fairly new here too.

Hope you find the site and its members as friendly and supportive as I have in recent weeks.

Sibbs x


Hi Sibbs. Thanks for you message. Yes everyone is really friendly and supportive which is lovely. Hope you are doing ok and having a reasonable day.

Gentle hugs Sibbs. Tedhead xxx


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